Article on The One Who Saves Lives

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The One Who Saves Lives

"Mine is a story of resilience and self-appointed bad assery. It is full of twists, turns, detours, and surprises, ones that I am still learning to understand myself. Perhaps y'all can help me on this journey of seeking significance.  I grew up pseudo-normally as a painfully Type A, perfectionist, overly-empathetic child in a loving family. I'm a quirky, fun-loving, analytical person who has always found beauty in emotions and in humans; I've been fascinated by the interconnected nature of the universe. In about 2009, this finally manifested as a desire to become a doctor. Since then, I have been fixated...

Article on The One Who Always Has More Within Her

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The One Who Always Has More Within Her

"Just over a year ago I started a venture to heal my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) naturally through lifestyle changes and supplementation. Anyone who knows PCOS can tell you, it is like an all-out assault on your femininity and your peace of mind. Your best chances of healing the symptom-causing issues at the root come from a painfully clean diet, exercise that doesn't over stress your body, and stress reduction in your life (also certain supplements that can help). I was in a relationship at the time that had become just too much for me, and I had to let...

Article on The Vulnerable One

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The Vulnerable One

"You want to talk about vulnerability? Well I know all about that too well. Vulnerability entails giving your all to someone, being essentially naked to them for they can see every part of your being without any barriers, you give yourself to them raw as you are. It’s a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful thing when you do all that for the right person. It wasn’t the case for me. My journey to self love has been the hardest one I’ve traveled, the most painful, the most cruel but the best. You want to talk about a painful journey? Imagine...

Article on The One Who Refocused Her Grief

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The One Who Refocused Her Grief

"I joined the Fred + Far self-love movement a little over a year after my Dad passed away. My Dad was my very best friend and losing him at such a young age affected me in ways I didn’t think it would. Obviously I was sad about it, but I didn’t realize my grief had manifested as anxiety and anger too. I suffered for about a year and a half before I sought help. Part of that help was finding the self-love pinky ring! Since receiving my ring, I have made an effort to focus on the things that make...

Article on The Best Friend

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The Best Friend

" I would always “joke” around and tell people that I’m my own best friend. At some level I’ve always been fully aware that it isn’t a joke- I am my own best friend, and that’s a good thing. Growing up as an only child I’ve always relied on myself and it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve realized how much this has shaped me into the women I am today. All my accomplishments and success is my own, and things I have created myself. My ring is a reminder that no matter what, I will always have myself- which...

Article on The One Who Found Herself

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The One Who Found Herself

My journey to self love is a long one. Growing up with bullying and body shaming and in a broken family, with an unbelievable strong woman that I am grateful to call my mother raising 5 children on her own. I lost my heart to a man when I was 20, 9 years ago, and never got it back, just to realize, I will never be with him. Like a leaf did I try to find my place in this world, always thinking not to be good enough, not to be right the way I am. I got told I...

Article on The One Who Decided

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The One Who Decided

Christmas came a little early for me this year. I was scrolling through Facebook one night when I came across this ring... I fell in love with the meaning behind it and, as someone who struggles daily to see her own worth, it was perfect. Forget the years I spent hating myself.Forget the people who MADE me hate myself. The people who changed me, broke me, and left me.Forget the idea that someone has to make me feel like enough. Every day I'll look down at this beautiful ring and remember the pain but have it all mean something now....

Article on The Independent One

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The Independent One

"The past ten years have not exactly been a walk through a park. Sometimes it felt like walking through the seventh circle of hell, but nonetheless, I kept going. I made it through obstacles I thought would break me. I made it through all the madness and the sorrow and the heartbreak. Somehow, I made it to today. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this is where I would be. I realize, I have been selling myself short. I am where I am because of all my hard work, dedication, and resilience. So to mark this new chapter...

Article on The Daughter and Mother

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The Daughter and Mother

"My dad sent my mom a text to separate after 27 years of marriage and so I’ve been helping her through this whole process of learning to love herself and see her value. I’m leaving soon and won't be with her for 3 months, so her Self Love Pinky Ring will be a nice reminder for her to love herself, and also to remember how much I love her!" Laura, gifted her mom Carito, to celebrate the next phase of her life. You can still see the indentation of the wedding band she wore for 27 years. So proud to call this...

Article on The Warrior of Love

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The Warrior of Love

I am a newly 23-year-old me. Me. How do I describe that? How do I describe me? Well, I am a suicide attempt survivor. I am a rape victim who is finally coming to terms with the idea of having PTSD. I am an individual living with several mental illnesses and a chronic physical illness. I am a disaster. Let's try this again. I am an amateur entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of a soon-to-launch small business named Reciprocitea. A business that was inspired by the fact that I chose life and continue to choose it each day, so that I...

Article on The Brave One

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The Brave One

"I vowed the moment I survived that horrific ordeal on May 13th I would never wear jewelry again. Soon after that awful night a package arrived for me. In the chaos of all that was going on I had forgotten I interviewed a very special women, the founder of Fred and Far. We spoke about how powerful her movement is, how the simple ritual of putting on a piece of jewelry every morning reminds you of something so important. Yes an engagement ring reminds you of the love you have for another but where's the ring reminding you to love...

Article on The Strong One

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The Strong One

Am I even normal? Why am I different? What are these scars? What does the word "beautiful" even mean anymore? These are the questions what ran through my mind as a thirteen-year-old cystic fibrosis patient, standing in a two piece at a pool. This was the first time I experienced the word "different." I covered my body. I covered what I thought at the time as shameful things. Covering the lines and marks showing my struggle, I ran to the bathroom crying. I noticed everyone's stares and talking amongst themselves about me. As I was in the bathroom, I looked...