Article on The One Who Is Reborn

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The One Who Is Reborn

"When life turns out differently then expected you learn the important things in life. You learn who you can trust, what you can handle, and how to be better through and after the crisis. No one plans for a failed marriage, let alone to be abandoned and never spoken to again. It’s through the deep pits where you figure out what you are made of and the person you truly are. A year after my husband walked out of our home, I made the choice to choose myself and to choose joy.I had decided to be re-baptized in my church...

Article on The New Beginner

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The New Beginner

As you can tell my picture is not typical. It's the only time I had to ever take a picture. Or even had a brief second to think about it. I have literally been eyeing this ring for 6 months before I purchased it. A gift for my 30th birthday.  I became a young mom at 19 and a wife shortly after.  I lost myself in the many sacrifices it took to be a SAHM and maintain a "picture perfect marriage."  My (ex) husband left me for another woman in 2014 - just shy of our 10 year anniversary of...

Article on The One Who Is Tired

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The One Who Is Tired

"I'm tired of being judged for not being married or having kids."I once saw an interview with Shonda Rhimes discussing her opinion about wanting to be married and having children. She stated she could never see herself being married and never had a desire for it. She continued to state that society often shames women for this because we’re supposed to “want it” and if not; “there must be something wrong”."Whenever I tell people I don’t have kids, I get one of two responses; either the person is “proud” of me (and possibly impressed), or they appear to be confused...

Article on The One Who Is First

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The One Who Is First

This is the first time I’ve bought a ring for myself, and this means a lot to me because it reminds me to love myself more. My journey to loving myself more and choosing to be with myself started when I got so much hurt by the people that I loved. That consecutive pain from the people I chose to love, who chose to hurt me instead, left me with nothing but just myself, and so I realized, "f I can love someone so much that I'll do anything for them, why not love myself and do anything for myself...

Article on The Soccer Star

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The Soccer Star

I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I love being busy, working hard and juggling multiple things. I am hardworking, passionate, committed, loyal and happy. I have long days but wouldn't change them for the world. Every time I get slightly overwhelmed, I look at my ring and remind myself how lucky my family and I are.  For 10 years, I thrived as a sponsored professional soccer player, with 7 years on the US Women’s National Soccer Team (including the 2007 Women’s World Cup). I then co-founded Sweat Cosmetics with four of my former teammates as partners to redefine beauty products for...

Article on The Navy Nurse

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The Navy Nurse

I am an Active Duty Navy Registered Nurse. This means that I get to take care of the most incredible and courageous men and women this country knows. I wear my uniform with honor and respect. But the military lifestyle is a lonely one. I move every few years and I have struggled with making friends and developing unconditional relationships. To me, my Fred and Far ring reminds me that it is okay to just love me, to just honor me, to just choose me for now. It reminds me that I am enough. Thank you for inviting me on...

Article on The Yogini

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The Yogini

I’ve never felt more self-love than I do when I’m on my yoga mat. But this hasn’t always been the case. In the 12+ years that I’ve been practicing yoga, there have been many times when I felt a lot of judgment and self-doubt. This was mostly due to comparing myself to others. But when I focused my attention inward, practicing conscious breath and movement, I was able to transform my insecurity into confidence. My yoga practice helped me connect to my best self. Today, I teach a style of body positive yoga that empowers others to use yoga as...

Article on Rebecca Rollolazo

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The Fashion Blogger

My pinky ring represents persistence. For about three years I’ve wanted to start a fashion and lifestyle blog, but didn’t have the slightest clue where to begin. During April 2015 I made the decision to buckle down and make it happen. After a year of self-development and brand curation, I officially launched my site this past May. Relatively speaking, it’s been such a small amount of time and it’s still hard to wrap my head around everything I’ve learned. I had no concrete expectations going into this, but my end goals have remained at top of mind. I’m already extremely...

Article on The Self-Care Student

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The Self-Care Student

My pinky ring represents a self-care journey that began in a time of great transition and turmoil. Freshly college-educated and firmly without a job, I found myself with a whole lot of anxiety and endless advice to "take care of myself." What did that look like, though, for someone who had always found fulfillment in learning, achieving, and being validated? How do you take care of yourself when you don't even know what makes your spirit happy? For me, the answer became an exploration of exactly that. It was trying new healing modalities, talking to women who were connected with...

Article on The Happy Girl

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The Happy Girl

My pinky ring represents to me a return to an Emma I thought I had lost for good. For most of my life, I've been somebody people can lean on and I am happy to help and make the world better for others. However, last summer, a man saw that in me and decided to take it and twist it and use it purely for his gain. For months he fed off of me, took my strength and support and raised himself up. All the while, he marginalised me and took my free spirit. Before him, I would sing and...

Article on The Role Model

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The Role Model

After marrying the love of my life, or so I thought at the moment and moving to the US from Germany I was stuck In 7 years of an abusive relationship, far away from home, with no support system. I was put down so many years, that I almost felt unworthy, like I didn't deserve any better, and I surely did not like myself very much. I was quiet, depressed, sheltered. I tried to fit in, try to be better, tried to become the person I thought he wanted me to be. It wasn't until I became a mother, that...

Article on The New Mom

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The New Mom

I lost my mum at a young age through horrible circumstances and after her passing we were burgled and all of her sentimental jewelry was stolen. Growing up I realized how wonderful it would have been to keep or even wear something she had once worn. I have never had a beautiful diamond ring that shines and sparkles and turns heads. I have never had a ring that brings me any sentimental value. When I saw what Fred+Far had created it instantly resonated with me. I contacted them first to thank them for having this concept and bringing it to...