The Mini Pearl Self Love Pinky Ring Has Arrived

The Mini Pearl Self Love Pinky Ring Has Arrived

Calling all June babies: We’re excited to unveil a new Self Love Pinky Ring being added to the collection: the Limited Edition Pearl Mini Self Love Pinky Ring. Pearl is seen as one of the most traditional gems for jewelry and is one of three birthstones for June, along with alexandrite and moonstone. With summer right around the corner, pearl is the ultimate versatile ring for your collection. You may know already, but we release a new stone at the start of every month, and we’re excited to add pearl to the collection. Every gemstone has its own history and superpowers, so we’ll go ahead and give you the background on pearl if you weren’t already sold on how beautiful it is.

For centuries, pearl has been used as a precious stone and has had meanings from mythological and more. Given its natural beauty and refined look, many cultures have valued the stone. They were treasured in ancient cultures around the world, like how the 1500s of Tudor England were known as the Pearl Age. On a totally different continent, Ancient Chinese cultures believed that wearing pearls protected you from fire and dragons.

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through life experience. They will help you learn from the best takeaways and lessons from everything that happens to you, good, bad and the in between. You’ll gain wisdom and become stronger by fully experiencing the powers of pearl. In addition to this, they are also a protector stone. When wearing pearl, it will create protective layers of energy around you, similar to how they are created in the wild. In having this security from protection, you’ll feel more calm and centered no matter how scary or crazy life gets.

Feeling like the universe needs to give you a break? Pearl may be the answer, as they are known to attract wealth and luck. They have a calming effect, and are known to balance one's karma and strengthen relationships. Speaking of relationships...are you single and ready for commitment to another person? Pearl signifies that you will find the love you’re looking for. Or if you’re already in a relationship, it will strengthen and improve communication between you two.

We have a very limited quantity of the Mini Pearl Self Love Pinky Rings in our collection now, and we’d love to see these beauties on the queens of our Fred and Far tribe. Get yours before they’re gone!

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  • How do I get the pinky pearl ring in silver?


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