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The light doesn't run away from the dark or reject it. It shines light in its direction to transform it.

So often growing up, I was taught to think positive and focus on what I am grateful for. I did. As I grew older (and I feel, wiser) I began to realize it's not just about focusing on gratitude and what is good. It's also about acknowledging that the ugly exists.

I shine my light on my own darkness. I include my own ugliness in my day to day experiences.

Here's the magic that it brings. It allows me to be inclusive of other people's darkness with compassion and boundaries instead of judgment and rejection.

This is especially becoming more and more relevant in the world I live in.

When my ME includes the ugly parts of me, I am able to include the ugly parts of others with love and boundaries. It's a 'No' from love, not a 'No' from rejection.

Acknowledge the dark to transform it into light and love.

Shine light where it needs it the most.