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I woke up today and with every inch of my body I felt that I needed to prove to myself that I was not all the horrible things I was judging myself for. I needed to talk to someone, go out into the world to find proof.

I knew in this moment, that my self-judgment had taken over my heart.

I remember feeling this way. I don't remember the last time. It seems to come and go and feel like a distant memory, even though it may have been just a few days ago.

I can name it however I want - anxiety, depression, feelings of being wounded, insecure, hurt - whatever name I give it... it's a bad day. In one swoop, I knew I was not the same woman I was years ago. Because I had a new thought that followed: can I love myself in this dark place? A question I would never think to ask myself years ago.

Can I love myself on my bad days?

Can I find my heart and nurture my body and my soul on days where I feel less than nothing?

My bad days are new bad days. I'm transforming every day through loving my ME in new ways.