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I've always been shy to actually take in a compliment from a stranger and truly receive it. The parking attendant, the waiter, the landscaper, the man running next to me by the ocean... men everywhere who would whistle, smile or acknowledge me in any way. 

It's funny. I grew up thinking that it was somehow inappropriate to have someone whistle at me. Maybe even... gross.

Recently I am starting to become acutely aware of how desexualizing it is for me to not receive acknowledgement my environment is giving me.

I smile back when I get acknowledged now. You know what happens to the man on the other side... he's so happy that he made me happy. And I'm so happy that I can stand in my own personal power and receive with self love and boundaries. It's possible to be sexual in energy without being sexual physically.

Right now, today, this week... that's self love for me. To embrace my sexuality without needing to actually be sexual. Boom.