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My feelings are waves in an ocean. Sometimes they are really big... seemingly destructive and secretly restorative.

I grew up scared of waves I didn't know how to ride. Fear that I will drown and get lost in the waves - the mystery, the vastness, the never ending movement. I didn't trust it. I thought it would take me.

I touch my body and am reminded I am the earth.

There I am. My ME is a part of the earth.

The earth HOLDS the ocean. The earth holds space for the movement of the ocean, the waves, the vastness and the mystery. What I didn't trust was my ME. I didn't trust ME to be ME enough to hold space for all that comes and goes. I feared that my ME would drown with any wave, big or small.

Now I know.

My ME, whatever the size or energy, has the unconditional ability to hold space for the waves, the feelings. To embrace them all… however seemingly destructive or scary they can be. My ME knows better than to give the feelings away to food, friends, family, lovers, work, parties, music, exercise… rather she knows to hold the feelings for ME. Their mine to hold.