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I've noticed I have to decide each day between short term and long term self love and finding a balance that feels good for me.

Some days short term self love means taking a walk to the nearby ice cream shop and treating myself to a delicious cup of ice cream, maybe even with several scoops. On other days self love means refraining from eating several scoops of ice cream in one sitting.

One way is to care for myself today in the moment (short term) and the other way is to care for myself, knowing my life is long and I want to be healthy (long term).

There are so many examples of this. It relates to almost everything I do and engage in on a regular basis. If I only ever act with short term benefits in mind, I'm not loving myself for the long haul. And if I only ever engage in things that are simply beneficial in the long run, I miss out on enjoyment today.

I guess this is what it means to be human.

I guess this is what it means to be in the act of self love. It's not deciding in advance whether or not I will be a short term or long term kind of gal, it's being so in touch with my ME that I can intuitively know from a place of wisdom when it's time for short term and when it's time for the long term stuff.

It's like I'm dancing with my ME in every moment, feeling what the next step will be.