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So I have a little story about my beautiful self love ring. I purchased it as I really identified with the message. I love it! I've been working on myself mentally, physically and spiritually for about a year. I've needed this time for me for a while. I can see and feel the difference. I encountered a young girl that I chat with at a local store, she shared that her fiancé just broke it off with her a week ago. She was sad but strong, spiritual about it.... she touched my heart and I knew instantly what I wanted to do, I waited until I saw her again, had my ring and the little package put back together, I gave it to her. Her reaction was priceless. We both teared up and hugged. I gave this young lady my ring, she's relocating in a week and won't forget the token. I realized how I am already there. I come first, I love myself ...... I want her to feel the same way.