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After a terrible relationship left me in shambles, I meditated my way back to health. I was struggling up and down with my confidence and with my relationship with myself. I was looking for validation and love externally. I thought the next promotion, the next boyfriend, the next place I live will give me the happiness and inner peace I desire. I didn’t realize how much power this gave others and how much energy I was putting into things that didn’t ultimately matter in my life. My story hit a turning point when I finally listened to myself and made a decision to quit my job, sell my stuff and embark on a journey across 4 countries that ultimately led me to myself. I traveled to India, Bali, Australia and Thailand. While in Thailand, I made a commitment to the relationship with myself by ‘marrying’ myself on a beach. I wear my Fred+Far ring to remind me of the commitment I made that day to accept, forgive and love myself. This ring reminds me of my promise to check-in and connect with myself and realize that my relationship with me is a continual process, just like any other relationship. Now, as a life coach, I help others do and learn the same.
-Ashley Starr, www.ashleymstarr.com