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I am the daughter of women who adorn themselves. You would never have caught my grandmother out without her lipstick on and the song of my mother’s bracelets as she moves her wrist is one I know very well. The thing about this soft practice of adorning one’s self is that it is completely for one’s self. Finding something dear to you and making it a part of your everyday look is a subtle way of celebrating yourself and owning your identity. I firmly believe in taking the time to do the things/ wear the things that make you feel magical. All my life I have adored rings and wherever I travel I find myself love-struck in jewelry stores sliding ring after ring onto every finger. My grandmother had her cheeky red lipstick, my mother has her musical bracelets and I have rings that I wear devoutly as a daily reminder that I am worth celebrating.
-Upile Chisala, www.upilechisala.com