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I lost my mum at a young age through horrible circumstances and after her passing we were burgled and all of her sentimental jewelry was stolen. Growing up I realized how wonderful it would have been to keep or even wear something she had once worn. I have never had a beautiful diamond ring that shines and sparkles and turns heads. I have never had a ring that brings me any sentimental value. When I saw what Fred+Far had created it instantly resonated with me. I contacted them first to thank them for having this concept and bringing it to life. I love the idea of women loving themselves and appreciating their self worth as it's all too often we forget the importance of our existence. So now as a first time mum myself I'm on my own journey. My little girl will grow up and not only learn to love herself from within but she will see my sparkly reminder and one day inherit it herself! Wearing my ring with pride!