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My pinky ring represents a self-care journey that began in a time of great transition and turmoil. Freshly college-educated and firmly without a job, I found myself with a whole lot of anxiety and endless advice to "take care of myself." What did that look like, though, for someone who had always found fulfillment in learning, achieving, and being validated? How do you take care of yourself when you don't even know what makes your spirit happy? For me, the answer became an exploration of exactly that. It was trying new healing modalities, talking to women who were connected with their purpose, and documenting it along the way to solidify the experience. My journey is only beginning but what I've learned so far is this: in the adventure of getting to know yourself, self-love is the best companion you could ever ask for. My ring sits atop my finger as a relic of this journey – a souvenir marking where I've been, a sparkling reminder of where I'm going, a faithful compass pointing me towards my true north. 
--Lenea Sims, Founder, GooeyGirl.com