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Mini Ring, Massive Commitment to Self

"I bought my first self-love pinky ring in the mini size (so cute!) in rose gold with a white sapphire. I gifted myself to celebrate the birth of my first child. The ring was exactly what I hoped - beautiful, feminine yet powerful, and a daily reminder that I am a warrior, a goddess and a mother. Since having a baby, I wear minimal jewelry and my self-love pinky ring is the only ring I wear every single day, aside from my wedding band. I love everything about it, and am so glad I became part of the Fred and Far self love sisterhood and its movement of self-love. -- Jess H.

Built to Last

"I've had my pinky ring in yellow gold for two years now! It continues to be one of my favorite rings to wear every day. It makes a bold statement and some have even mistaken it as an engagement ring (even though I wear it on my pinky finger!). With that said it has been a major conversation starter and a wonderful way to share my story about self-love and connect them with the Fred and Far sisterhood. This ring is a symbol of self-love and sisterhood. A daily reminder of the love I've received and the love I can now freely give. Can't wait to wear this ring forever!" -- Leanne, A.

Love my pinky ring <3

"I received the rose gold self love pinky ring as a gift last fall, and I have been in love with it ever since! It honestly is such a great reminder to love yourself and always seems to be there when you need that reminder the most. The clarity of the stone is so gorgeous and I love wearing this ring with all the other rings I use interchangeably each day. It definitely adds so much to my accessories game and I love that it has so much meaning to me." -- Jessica M.

Every day, forever 

"Any jewelry I have that's been truly special to me has always been a family heirloom. This ring is the first piece I've ever really bought myself, and it's become a part of my everyday style. The ring just naturally becomes a part of your routine, so almost without knowing it, you've effortlessly added a positive message to yourself in something you have with you at all times." -- Shani S.


"I absolutely love the color of this ring. Sometimes amethyst isn't the most sparkly stone, but this type really catches the light!" --Sarah S.

Beautiful quality jewellery with an amazing message

"What better way to show yourself love than with the gift of jewellery :)" --Alice B.

More than just a badass ring 

 "I should start by saying I love to accessorize particularly when it comes to jewelry. I wear a mix of pieces in all price ranges and each one is special. But then I got my self love pinky ring and it's hands down my favorite ring. I can't wait to buy more pieces to add to my collection. Since getting my ring I started following Fred + Far on Instagram and that has been a gift in itself. I feel uplifted by the community that's been created and I always seem to get the perfect self love message right when I need it most." --Terme H.


"I don't even know where to begin. This ring is EVERYTHING! Aesthetically, it's obviously gorgeous and matches with everything. You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it stacked with other rings, or let it stand alone.  Although it's a very classic & simplistic style, it's still very unique & interesting which is why it's so appealing.  But what really sold me was the message. I love the idea of having a ring that reminds me to love myself.  I bought one for my sister's birthday and a matching ring for myself to wear as "best friends rings." Since then I've gifted it to several of my friends and it's been loved by every single one of them! Beautiful & Sentimental, you won't be disappointed!" --Jayrun H.

Love my ME ring!!!

"Love, love, LOVE this ring paired with my gold mini self love pinky ring. It's the perfect stack to remind me to love myself and everything about me." --Olivia P.

Love My Ruby Mini Pinky Ring

"Love my pinky ring! Looks great with all my other rings and the quality is great. I never take it off and every time I look down I am reminded of the commitment that I made to myself by purchasing this ring." --Diana M.

Absolutely Love!

"This ring is absolutely gorgeous. I have the mini opal + sterling silver combo and it a perfect daily self-love reminder. Highly recommend this stunning edition!" --Lindsay

Perfect second ring!

"A year ago I bought my first pinky ring, the black spinel with a sterling silver band and I fell in love. Though it isn't ideal for the appearance of the silver, I wear it every day and never take it off. Then this past fall I saw the amethyst ring and had to act fast! Purple is my favorite color and I had been toying with the idea of getting a second one to stack with the first. Again I ordered the sterling silver band and I am just absolutely in love! Some days I stack the two, some days I just do the black spinel and some days I just do the amethyst. I love the variety, and now either way I wear them I remember my commitment to love myself!" --Katy M.

Love the brand and product!

I love my pinky ring! The quality is great and the company's mission is something I love sharing. I've purchased two others since my first one a year and a half ago and all of them have handled the extreme wear and tear of my job well. Very, very satisfied! --Christie R.

I never take this off!!

I've had this ring for over a year and it's the only constant in my wardrobe. From work to workout - I never take it off! It's gorgeous, the quality is impeccable, it goes with everything, and it's a daily reminder to slow down, hold space and be kind to myself. My favorite thing to do is switch the direction of the triangle depending on what I need that day, inward when I need to connect to myself, and outward when I want to focus my energy outward. There's truly no better gift for yourself or someone you love xo. --Amy M.

My own little star 

"This ring, she does wonders. P.S. I was hesitant about wearing a pinky ring at first (what if it falls off my short, tiny finger and such), but it's honestly perfectly natural feeling and I have a whole new ring finger now. :)" --Sarah

right hand pinky power! 

I was gifted this ring in the sterling silver metal, from a very thoughtful and wise friend.  I wear it on my right hand, and every time I look down - not only am I reminded to choose myself- but I'm reminded of our friendship. 

Also- I can't stop getting compliments on it!! I wear a whole party of rings on each hand every day, and I love how the black spinel just sets them all off. I also wear a lot of black and it compliments my outfits really well. It's my ring that pulls everything together. Thanks Fred&Far! --Lauren B.

The perfect pinky ring

I bought this as a gift for my best friend and I, we both love the ring so much.  Its perfect, I smile every time I look down at it! --Mona 

Love it so much I never take it off!

A friend of mine bought a Fred + Far ring and for a few months I simply admired hers and kept my eye on the website and offerings. Then a terrible breakup hit and inspiration struck! The ring arrived right before I left for a month long work trip to Argentina and I have not taken the ring off since. I bought the Sterling Silver and although the sides are a bit tarnished after over a year of wear, I still cannot be convinced to take it off for even a moment because I love it's representation that much.

I highly recommend this product, and if you want to keep it squeaky clean, don't wear it all the time like I do. If you don't mind and see some of the wear as battle scars, then keep it on always :) -- Katy 

A Reminder & A Connection

I became a member of the self love sisterhood in the summer of 2016, when I bought the original self love pinky ring. When the limited edition amethyst came out, I knew it would stack beautifully with my original and remind me of my niece, whose birthstone is amethyst. It reminds me that to be there for her, I have to be there for myself.

My rings mean so much to me. Each day that I read a new self love sisterhood member's story, my connection to my rings and a greater movement grows. --Jocelyn R.

Power of (self) love

Size was as expected
Comfy fit and LOVE the black spinel color.
Makes me smile every time I see my ring --Ana C

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