How To Measure Your Pinky Ring Size At Home

3 Ways to Size Your Pinky At Home Using the Fred and Far Pinky Ring Size Guide

You're just a few moments away from knowing your pinky ring size - something every woman should know! Keep in mind you can use multiple methods below to verify your size selection. No matter what size you go with, remember that our rings can easily be resized by your local jewelry store. When determining your ring size, choose the size that can make it over your knuckle comfortably, but is still a snug fit. When it comes to pinky rings, a little tight is better than a little loose. If it is a particularly hot day, or you’ve had a lot of salty foods or alcohol (which all increase your finger size), you may want to wait until tomorrow to get your true size.

Click here and download this PDF for our at home pinky ring sizing guide.

When printing the guide, make sure that Page Scaling is set to “100%” on your print dialog box.

 Below is a summary of the sizing options on the PDF. Please make sure to download the PDF for complete details. Questions? Email us at hello [at] or use our contact form here

#1: Paper Ring Sizer

Cut a piece of paper into a strip.

Wrap the strip around the widest part of your pinky finger, closest to your knuckle.

Make sure you are able to slide the strip over your knuckle.

Make a mark where the strip begins to overlap.

Measure the strip from the end to the mark in millimeters (mm) to find your pinky’s circumference. Use the ruler on page 2 of our downloadable PDF or your own.

Round up if you’re unsure.

Use the U.S. Ring Size Chart on page 2 of the PDF to find your ring size. 

#2: Two Sizes Down

 Note your ring finger size (that’s your fourth finger!).

Not sure? Use the Ring Size Circles Chart on page 2 of our PDF to measure your ring.

Go down two sizes from your ring finger to determine your pinky ring size.

This method is not always 100% because everyone’s hands are different. If your ring doesn’t fit it can always be resized by a local jewelry store.

#3: Order a Fred and Far Ring Sizer 

Still not sure? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. If you're in the US, order a ring sizer from us. For international customers, please search eBay or Amazon for multisizer to order the same sizer that we use.


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