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The Founders

By early 2015, I had hit every milestone: education, career, marriage, mortgage, motherhood. But with each one my commitment to others grew, while my connection with myself dissipated. What made me happy? Who was I after all the labels were stripped away? So I decided to wear a new ring on a new finger, and instead of getting a thin little band, I got something big and comparable to an engagement ring. And so my pinky ring revolution was born. I can honestly say my life has transformed. I am happier, more focused and energized—and as a result everyone around me is experiencing magic as well.
- Melody, Co-creator of Fred and Far

Our dream is for everyone to realize the profound power in giving themselves the kind of love they would give to another. When we can come from a place of wholly loving and honoring ourselves, every aspect of life adjusts and aligns with us and that is a gift.
- Samira, Co-creator of Fred and Far

Self love is powerful. Symbols are powerful. You are powerful. Choose yourself.