21 Day Self Love Challenge

21 Day Self Love Challenge

They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit, which is why I love our Fred and Far 21 Day Self Love Challenge. This self love challenge is presented as a checklist - which means you get to decide the order you complete each of the 21 acts of self love and self care. The key is to do each with intention: with each, you're committing to prioritizing your needs, whether it is taking care of your mental or physical health, or having fun (an important element of both self love and self care). 

When you complete your challenge for the day, upload a picture to instagram, tag @fredandfar and use the hashtag #selflovechallenge so we can witness and celebrate you. You can even save this graphic and check off the ones you've completed (because who doesn't love checking something off their list?). 

By the end of 21 days, you should feel a renewed sense of self, and feel a little less guilty about putting yourself first. Because you deserve the love and care you so generously give everyone else. Once you start practicing self love and self care daily, you'll start to realize that giving yourself more doesn't mean you're giving anyone else less. In fact, you'll start showing up as a more authentic and fulfilled version of yourself - which is a win win for everyone.

I hope you enjoy the Fred and Far 21 Day Self Love Challenge. We can't wait to celebrate your journey. And if you need a sparkling daily reminder to commit to yourself, make sure to check out the Self Love Pinky Ring.

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And just in case you want to share your Self Love Challenge progress in your instagram stories, here is the story version of the challenge graphic!

21 Day Self Love Challenge