Stories from our Tribe

    The Navy Nurse

    I am an Active Duty Navy Registered Nurse. This means that I get to take care of the most incredible and courageous men and women this country knows. I wear my uniform with honor and respect. But the military lifestyle is a lonely one. I move every few years and I have struggled with making friends and developing unconditional relationships. To me, my Fred and Far ring reminds me that it is okay to just love me, to just honor me, to just choose me for now. It reminds me that I am enough. Thank you for inviting me on this journey!


    I am the daughter of women who adorn themselves. You would never have caught my grandmother out without her lipstick on and the song of my mother’s bracelets as she moves her wrist is one I know very well. The thing about this soft practice of adorning one’s self is that it is completely for one’s self. Finding something dear to you and making it a part of your everyday look is a subtle way of celebrating yourself and owning your identity. I firmly believe in taking the time to do the things/ wear the things that make you feel magical. All my life I have adored rings and wherever I travel I find myself love-struck in jewelry stores sliding ring after ring onto every finger. My grandmother had her cheeky red lipstick, my mother has her musical bracelets and I have rings that I wear devoutly as a daily reminder that I am worth celebrating.
    -Upile Chisala,

    The Healer

    I feel that we all have many roles to play in life. For me, I constantly feel that I'm juggling being a practicing Muslim, a feminist, a medical student, an advocate of social justice, a wife, a cat mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend. It's easy to lose my sense of self in the midst of all those identities. Especially being in medical training, free time is a luxury so it can feel selfish to take time for myself when I should be fighting for people's rights or learning as much as I can to care for my patients or being with the people I love. My ring reminds me that I need to care for myself first and foremost because I am no good to anyone unless I am good on my own. Thank you for creating this beautiful token and movement.

    The Warrior of Love

    I am a newly 23-year-old me. Me.

    How do I describe that? How do I describe me?

    Well, I am a suicide attempt survivor. I am a rape victim who is finally coming to terms with the idea of having PTSD. I am an individual living with several mental illnesses and a chronic physical illness. I am a disaster.

    Let's try this again.

    I am an amateur entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of a soon-to-launch small business named Reciprocitea. A business that was inspired by the fact that I chose life and continue to choose it each day, so that I might have the opportunity to help someone else choose it too.

    I am a warrior of love determined to use her scars- internal, and external to help others.

    I am a mental health and suicide prevention advocate determined to use her voice to speak for those who feel they do not have one.

    I am a woman on a day to day, moment to moment journey to not only promote self-love, but understand and incorporate it into my everyday life. I am a woman who is learning to truly love herself again. I may be a disaster, but I am a beautiful one. One that deserves love, too.
    –Teagan Kempe, (photo credit: Josiah Davie Photography)



    The Yogini

    I’ve never felt more self-love than I do when I’m on my yoga mat. But this hasn’t always been the case. In the 12+ years that I’ve been practicing yoga, there have been many times when I felt a lot of judgment and self-doubt. This was mostly due to comparing myself to others. But when I focused my attention inward, practicing conscious breath and movement, I was able to transform my insecurity into confidence. My yoga practice helped me connect to my best self. Today, I teach a style of body positive yoga that empowers others to use yoga as a tool for courage and confidence both on and off the mat.

    As a new mother of twins, I recently realized that I was forgetting to take care of myself while caring for my son and daughter. That’s why I got myself the self love pinky ring. It reminds me of my commitment to myself, first and foremost. It’s so important for me to focus inward and take care of myself in order to take care of others, including my children, husband, students, family and community.
    --Brigitte Kouba,

    The Fashion Blogger

    My pinky ring represents persistence. For about three years I’ve wanted to start a fashion and lifestyle blog, but didn’t have the slightest clue where to begin. During April 2015 I made the decision to buckle down and make it happen. After a year of self-development and brand curation, I officially launched my site this past May. Relatively speaking, it’s been such a small amount of time and it’s still hard to wrap my head around everything I’ve learned. I had no concrete expectations going into this, but my end goals have remained at top of mind. I’m already extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished, and my Fred + Far ring is a daily reminder to be persistent in achieving what I’ve set out to do. Even just a little bit every single day is still forward. And forward is progress. It’s essential for every woman to find her purpose and work at it every single day to make it come to life. Not only is my pinky ring a reminder of persistence with my business, but also a constant reminder to preserve my independence, integrity, and self-appreciation. 
    --Rebecca Rollolazo, Founder,



    The Self-Care Student

    My pinky ring represents a self-care journey that began in a time of great transition and turmoil. Freshly college-educated and firmly without a job, I found myself with a whole lot of anxiety and endless advice to "take care of myself." What did that look like, though, for someone who had always found fulfillment in learning, achieving, and being validated? How do you take care of yourself when you don't even know what makes your spirit happy? For me, the answer became an exploration of exactly that. It was trying new healing modalities, talking to women who were connected with their purpose, and documenting it along the way to solidify the experience. My journey is only beginning but what I've learned so far is this: in the adventure of getting to know yourself, self-love is the best companion you could ever ask for. My ring sits atop my finger as a relic of this journey – a souvenir marking where I've been, a sparkling reminder of where I'm going, a faithful compass pointing me towards my true north. 
    --Lenea Sims, Founder,


    The Happy Girl

    My pinky ring represents to me a return to an Emma I thought I had lost for good.
    For most of my life, I've been somebody people can lean on and I am happy to help and make the world better for others. However, last summer, a man saw that in me and decided to take it and twist it and use it purely for his gain. For months he fed off of me, took my strength and support and raised himself up. All the while, he marginalised me and took my free spirit. Before him, I would sing and dance, dress how I wanted and take so much joy from the world around me and my own company. He took my ability to love myself.

    Now, with time and space, I am that happy girl again. The one with the free spirit and the open heart. This ring is a reminder to me that anybody who wants to cage me should not step into my life. It is a promise to myself that I will be true to me and never compromise. But it is also a promise to my students, my best friend and my sisters, that I will be the best me to help them and show them the way.

    The Role Model

    After marrying the love of my life, or so I thought at the moment and moving to the US from Germany I was stuck In 7 years of an abusive relationship, far away from home, with no support system. I was put down so many years, that I almost felt unworthy, like I didn't deserve any better, and I surely did not like myself very much. I was quiet, depressed, sheltered. I tried to fit in, try to be better, tried to become the person I thought he wanted me to be. It wasn't until I became a mother, that I realized it wasn't me, it was him. I regained my strength, I build myself back up, I chose myself, and I relearned how to love myself. I took my daughter and myself out of this toxic environment and relationship and am on a great path building a great life and future for me and my daughter. I want to be a good role model for her, teach her about strength, self love and self care! Thank you for connecting me with other strong, independent woman on my journey!

    The New Mom

    I lost my mum at a young age through horrible circumstances and after her passing we were burgled and all of her sentimental jewelry was stolen. Growing up I realized how wonderful it would have been to keep or even wear something she had once worn. I have never had a beautiful diamond ring that shines and sparkles and turns heads. I have never had a ring that brings me any sentimental value. When I saw what Fred+Far had created it instantly resonated with me. I contacted them first to thank them for having this concept and bringing it to life. I love the idea of women loving themselves and appreciating their self worth as it's all too often we forget the importance of our existence. So now as a first time mum myself I'm on my own journey. My little girl will grow up and not only learn to love herself from within but she will see my sparkly reminder and one day inherit it herself! Wearing my ring with pride!

    The Angel

    So I have a little story about my beautiful self love ring. I purchased it as I really identified with the message. I love it! I've been working on myself mentally, physically and spiritually for about a year. I've needed this time for me for a while. I can see and feel the difference. I encountered a young girl that I chat with at a local store, she shared that her fiancé just broke it off with her a week ago. She was sad but strong, spiritual about it.... she touched my heart and I knew instantly what I wanted to do, I waited until I saw her again, had my ring and the little package put back together, I gave it to her. Her reaction was priceless. We both teared up and hugged. I gave this young lady my ring, she's relocating in a week and won't forget the token. I realized how I am already there. I come first, I love myself ...... I want her to feel the same way.


    I believe that timing is everything. My girlfriend proposed to me on July 11, 2016. And just a day later, my friend posted a pic of herself wearing the most glorious little pinky ring. I asked her about it and she sent me a link. I thought I was about to buy a ring. I had no idea I was about to make an incredibly profound and timely commitment. When I said yes to my girlfriend, I committed to love her and respect her and be kind to her and take care of her and be faithful to her from now until forever. It’s an incredible and terrifying proposition. I do love her and I want to love her for the rest of my life. I also love me and have both the right and the responsibility to love and take care of myself, to never lose myself till death do I part. Because I have a seventeen-year-old daughter, exemplifying these dual commitments is paramount. So the very day after I committed to my girlfriend – now fiancé! – I also committed to myself with the pinky promise ring. To make things even more special, when I told my dad about the ring, he insisted on making it his birthday gift to me, saying, “Can’t think of a better way to celebrate your birthday. Three generations honoring the commitment to love and honor self in the same way we love and honor other.” Jenny Block, (photo cred: Steph Grant 


    For too long I allowed other people’s opinions and actions dictate who I was. A job rejection meant I was unworthy. A guy who never called me after the first date meant I was unlovable. A colleague that didn’t acknowledge my hard work meant I was valueless. These lies I chose to believe became deafening to the point that I couldn’t hear my own voice. It was when my friend suggested, as a New Year’s resolution, to doodle a day for a whole year that I began to hear a faint, whisper of myself. In the beginning of my doodle journey I had two simple rules: 1. Draw everyday
    2. Despite the imperfections you must post it. My Instagram feed became my public, uncensored visual diary into my everyday life including the emotions and life lessons I experienced. On the 87th day I realized I had developed my own unique, artistic style, but it wasn’t until the 209th day that I recognized the true value of my voice. My voice has the power to decide who I am. It has the power to turn my imperfections into points of interests and my vulnerabilities into strengths. From that day on I promised myself to always honor my voice above all others. Today I wear my pinky ring as a reminder that I’m loved, valued, and purposed.
    -Leanne Aranador,


    I’m a personal trainer, a mom and a wife. It seemed like every minute of my day was spent caring for someone else. I almost lost my “me” until I stopped and realized, that I needed to allow myself to be important in my life. For me that meant taking 1 1/2 hours daily to exercise. Daily… first “to do” on the list, not the last. Not only has that saved me, it makes me better for all the people that count on me. I not only have more energy, but am happier in completing the daily tasks. As a trainer I’ve worked with other women with the same symptoms as I had and now I’m able to help. It’s amazing after a one-hour workout, we all feel like we can conquer the world. Whenever I get caught up in my old habits I look at my pinky ring and it reminds me to stop and take a breath and find “me.”


    My heart and soul was bruised from heartache and loneliness, but this ring inspired me to remain true to myself even if that means leaving my pain behind and not letting me hinder myself from my own love, my own strengths. Whether that be my career, being single, leaving my past completely behind. It was realizing I had to be okay with myself, and enjoy myself, splurge on myself, and do things completely out of my element. To love myself so much, that the next man in my life will love me as much as I do or more.
    -Amanda Higgins

    The Life Coach

    After a terrible relationship left me in shambles, I meditated my way back to health. I was struggling up and down with my confidence and with my relationship with myself. I was looking for validation and love externally. I thought the next promotion, the next boyfriend, the next place I live will give me the happiness and inner peace I desire. I didn’t realize how much power this gave others and how much energy I was putting into things that didn’t ultimately matter in my life. My story hit a turning point when I finally listened to myself and made a decision to quit my job, sell my stuff and embark on a journey across 4 countries that ultimately led me to myself. I traveled to India, Bali, Australia and Thailand. While in Thailand, I made a commitment to the relationship with myself by ‘marrying’ myself on a beach. I wear my Fred+Far ring to remind me of the commitment I made that day to accept, forgive and love myself. This ring reminds me of my promise to check-in and connect with myself and realize that my relationship with me is a continual process, just like any other relationship. Now, as a life coach, I help others do and learn the same.
    -Ashley Starr,