Our 9 Favorite Self Love Spice Girls Lyrics

Our 9 Favorite Self Love Spice Girls Lyrics

Just this morning, on The Today Show, Mel B confirmed that the Spice Girls would, in fact, be going on tour. Known for her role as Scary Spice, the actress and singer stated, "Yes, we are going to be doing performances together, for sure." Just moments after, she wondered, "Should I have really said that out loud?" Our response to the announcement of this self love, girl power-charged group reuniting?:

To celebrate, we've put together 9 of our all-time favorite Spice Girls lyrics emphasizing girl power and self love:  


1. "I will not be told, Keep your mouth shut, keep your legs shut; Go back in your place; blameless, shameless, damsel in disgrace"  "Do It"



2. "Boy you were a fool to treat me that way. I'm not gonna let you, I'm gonna forget you. There's nothin' to say." – "Saturday Night Divas"


3. "Keep your head high. Don't you know you are the superfly and that ain't no lie."  "Saturday Night Divas"


4. "Past encounters have made her strong, strong enough to carry on and on." – "Naked"


5. "You gotta want me. It's just what I need. I'm not that easy as a matter of fact." – "Love Thing"


6. "I'd rather be hated than pitied. Maybe I should have left it to your imagination. I just want to be me."  – "Naked"


7. "Just girl power is all we need. We know how we got this far, strength and courage." – "Sound Off"


8. "You gotta show what you feel, don't hide. Come on and do it. Don't care how you look, it's just how you feel. Come on and do it!" – "Sound Off"


9. "God help the mister that comes in between me and my sisters." – "Love Thing"



The Spice Girls have always been about spreading positivity, encouraging people to be themselves, and empowering women. As explained by Mel B herself, "It's about spreading a positive vibe, kicking it for the girls... It's not about picking up guys. We don't need men to control our life. We control our lives anyway."

Do you have a favorite Spice Girl? Comment below and let us know which Self Love Pinky Ring you think she'd wear!