A Message from our Founder

A Message from our Founder

Dearest tribe,

Last night as I looked up at the blood moon lunar eclipse, I found the certainty I've been searching for. Over the last year, I've started asking myself the questions I ask of all of you: am I being true to my most authentic self? Am I spending my time cultivating joy? Am I caring for myself? 

When I started working on Fred and Far and The Self Love Pinky Ring in 2015, I was in a very different place. I didn't even know to ask myself these questions. Putting on my pinky ring, and making myself a priority for the first time in my adult life, is what started my personal self love journey and in turn started the movement we are all so proud to be part of. 

I've decided that starting at the end of next month, I'm going to take a break from producing rings so that I can have the space I need to reconnect with myself, re-evaluate this business, and ensure that as I move forward, I'm honoring myself, our movement, and its values of self awareness, self love, self care and self worth. Writing The ABCs of Self Love this past year really sparked something in me, and I want to invest in that spark and see where it takes me.

If you've been thinking about buying a ring, I would love if you did. I've brought back all the colored stones and ring variations so you can choose exactly the right one for you. I'll also still be on Instagram sharing original content and doing my best to lead by example and make self love actionable. I'll also be there rooting for each and every one of you, so please continue to tag @fredandfar or connect with me directly @melodygodfred. Thank you for joining me, and supporting me as I explore my next step.

With love for you, and for me,