A Ruby Heart Self Love Pinky Ring for Your Inner Queen B

A Ruby Heart Self Love Pinky Ring for Your Inner Queen B

If you're a gossip girl fan, this ruby heart ring is for you.

I'm so excited to share Fred and Far's Limited Edition Ruby Heart Self Love Pinky Ring. In 2021, we are letting our hearts lead us with love, courage, and some Queen B, Blair-level confidence. While we typically exclusively offer trillion stones in honor of our community’s symbol, the inverted triangle (which represents the divine feminine in each of us), now feels like the right time to offer something new: a ruby heart ring that reminds you and the world that you are resilient, brave, whole, worthy and loved.

Beyond the subtle sweetness of this very special heart shape, ruby has exactly the right metaphysical values to get us through the start of another uncertain year. Ruby is a stone that frees you from the tendency to self-sacrifice and instead promotes confidence, positivity, and courage. If you need more proof of the ruby’s ability to help you focus on possibilities instead of dwelling in insecurity, look no further than the social mastermind of the Upper East Side: Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, who wore her own ruby heart ring.

Blair Waldorf Ruby Heart Ring

Love her or hate her, whether she was helping ensure her own future success, dumping a man who didn’t appreciate her, or helping a friend seek righteous revenge, you can’t deny that Blair had self-confidence, courage, and positivity (she always knew her schemes would turn out in her favor). I think we could all use some of that Blair Waldorf energy right now.

So I’m calling it: Ruby is the stone for 2021 - a gem that promotes an attitude of self love through courage, confidence, positivity. Ruby is also the July birthstone (I’m looking at you Cancer girls).

The Ruby Heart Self Love Pinky Ring is available for a limited time and in limited supply (only 15 left), now through Valentine’s Day, so get on it and start your year in Gossip Girl style. And remember: there's no wrong way to rock a Self Love Pinky Ring, so wear it on the finger that feels right to you - if you don't see the size you need listed, select custom size!


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