Black Opal: The Gem That Unlocks Your Divine Future

Black Opal: The Gem That Unlocks Your Divine Future

The Limited Edition Black Opal Mini Self Love Pinky Ring is only available now through May 31st while supplies last. Keep reading to discover what makes black opal exactly the ring you need to start building the future of your dreams - today.

Chakra: Root

Elements: earth

Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio

Black Opal is a powerful ancient shamanistic stone. A dark yet bright stone that incorporates light energy in the dark void. Black opal is linked to the Crown Chakra which deals with feelings of confidence and security. A sacred amulet was used since ancient times to bring guidance and prosperity. The name Opal comes from the Greek and Latin term “opalius” and “opalus” representing the precious stone. Since ancient times opal was considered more valuable than a diamond not only because of its rarity but because of its high and unique energy. A protective stone that shields and restores one's aura. Allows energies to pass through you without touching or harming you. Black opal was called the precious stone as it was the gateway to paradise. Despite being a black stone, it stands for all the positive energy as it creates peace.

Opal was considered the “Tears of the Gods” or “Crystalized stones from sacred waters” due to its energetic rainbow tonality. The mixture of energy creates such intense hues coming out of the darkness. A highly reflective and absorbent stone that will pick all your emotions and thoughts absorbing them and magnifying them to transform them. This karmic stone allows us to work with the law of attraction. The energy we send out returns to us energetically. If we want something we need to act in the congruent way of what we desire. This stone will attune your energy and renew it to the highest frequency.

Black Opal Self Love Pinky Ring

This is the stone of transformation as it will change any situation for the positive. Helping you build well-balanced relationships. The stimulated energy of Black Opal will allow your aura to shine brighter than ever. Wearing this stone is a reminder that you can face anything the world throws at you head-on. This stone brings confidence and strength. The rare healing stone exudes light energy and willpower. You are divinely guided to follow your intuition. Grab the opportunities that are sent to you. If you are worried about your future this is a stone for you as it will lead and guide you to your divine future.

This powerful crystal brings forth an etheric shield that protects against negative energy and any emotional toxicity. The sweet calmness of black opal will help one maintain calm and realized in unwanted situations. Attracts abundance and new ideas. It will help you achieve the goals you have. Wearing it will change your life. This shamanistic stone is a journey stone used for spiritual work and dream recall. Black Opal energy will allow you to feel free and light. Manifesting with black opal will boost any energy you bring forward in the electromagnetic field. Such divine energy promotes happiness as it cleanses you.

Releases anxiety as it allows you to break out of your comfort. Black opal will push you to new ventures as it will give you the strength to believe in yourself and take risks. The enriched joyful stone vibrates in harmonious energy. This is the perfect stone to just live spontaneously and act on new ideas. To do rather than to think and think. Sometimes we stay on our mind and allow our overwhelming thoughts to worry about things that won't happen. We constantly hold ourselves back because of fear, or anxious thoughts that don’t allow us to deal with our emotions. Black Opal is one of the most powerful stones that will help you release this fear. A wonderful stone that will give you the strength to work on anything. Black Opal will provide you with the love and confidence to move forward with any kind of obstacle. The result of this amazing stone will bring a purer and stronger version of yourself.


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Written by Kimberly Padilla, Founder of Washka Gems and Fred and Far's resident gem Expert.

"Realizing everything was alive at a young age gave me infinite gratitude. This allowed me to create an environment filled with love and peace, growing a sacred love for nature as everything is alive and it carries its own energy. Growing up in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest led me to ancestral knowledge from our sacred Mother Nature Pachamama and how she can help us. I want to help, educate people to heal, love, and gain strength in their minds and body. I found myself healing in nature using minerals to absorb and balance my energy. Helping others enhance the protection of body mind and soul while giving harmonious support. Washka Gems seek to bring ancestral Andean knowledge in relation to the cosmic vision."
—Kimberly Padilla