Black Rutilated Quartz: The Perfect Stone for Financial Situations

Black Rutilated Quartz: The Perfect Stone for Financial Situations

Meet the illuminator gem! Our limited edition Rutilated Quartz in black is a gem we have dreamt of offering for years. For us, it tells a singular story: instead of representing perfection, it represents truth. It embodies all our scars, our cracks, our mess, our light, our power, our holiness.

Rutilated Quartz is the gem that connects us first to ourselves—as it activates every chakra from root to crown—and next to the angel realm. It helps us transcend into our rightful place as divine, self-loving women. She is known as the illuminator—because she unlocks and illuminates your truth. 

Why Black Rutilated Quartz Is the Stone That Could Change Your Life

Chakra: All the Chakras

Elements: Fire, Air

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Taurus & Leo

Black Rutilated Quartz a powerful stone for depression or any kind of life trauma. Helps you accept challenges as it opens new ways to live. Inspires you to leave or remove anything that no longer serves you. This sacred stone dissolves negative energies. The stone that never lets you miss a chance! As it offers a clear state of mind in which you will be able to analyze properly.

Leads you to victory as it supports the owner to make vital decisions. A power stone for those who need to make business deals. This is the perfect stone for financial situations.

Rebalances and enhances wisdom. This gemstone transforms and keeps the energies of the universe present. Grounding that brings the highest and brightest light energy in black color. Attracts the power of love that generates to the heart and root charka.

This gemstone works in all aspects of energy such as absorbing, purifying, and amplifying.

Black Rutilated Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring

 Both Gold and Black Rutilated Quartz is one of the most unique and diverse types of quartz leading with its energetic inclusions. These rare inclusions are only formed inside the quartz 400 million years ago as the natural chemicals that are joined together. The minerals come together as liquid and are cooled and then harden over thousands of years as the minerals separate, they cause these incredibly rare patterns almost needle form. The array of dynamic movement in each mineral is unique to each stone. Brings clarity and peace as it enhances your vibrational field. Such holy energy purifies the soul with its one-of-a-kind composition.

April's Limited Gem, Available Now

Rutilated Quartz is April’s limited gem and is available with black rutile and gold rutile. No two are alike. Let the gem you receive be the one that represents the story only you can tell. Because your beauty isn’t in your perfection. It is in your one-of-a-kind cracks.

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Written by Kimberly Padilla, Founder of Washka Gems and Fred and Far's resident gem Expert.

"Realizing everything was alive at a young age gave me infinite gratitude. This allowed me to create an environment filled with love and peace, growing a sacred love for nature as everything is alive and it carries its own energy. Growing up in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest led me to ancestral knowledge from our sacred Mother Nature Pachamama and how she can help us. I want to help, educate people to heal, love, and gain strength in their minds and body. I found myself healing in nature using minerals to absorb and balance my energy. Helping others enhance the protection of body mind and soul while giving harmonious support. Washka Gems seek to bring ancestral Andean knowledge in relation to the cosmic vision."
—Kimberly Padilla