7 Tasty Recipes to Make Your Mom this Mother's Day

7 Tasty Recipes to Make Your Mom this Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our shining Mothers! Since it’s her special day, she deserves to be treated like the queen you are! What better way to start her day than to spend the morning in bed, with everything you could possibly need in arms reach? Having breakfast in bed delivered by you is the perfect way to start her day. Below is a round up of some of our favorite breakfast recipes for your Mother’s Day morning! Don’t forget to share your breakfast in bed with us on Instagram! Tag us in your photos and stories @fredandfar!

For the healthy mom…Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl

For the luxurious mom…Raspberry Champagne Waffles


For the mom who’s a busy bee...2 Minute French Toast In A Cup


For the mom that deserves dessert for breakfast…Hot Cocoa Pancakes


For the mom with a family Instagram…Picture Perfect Heart Pancake Skewers


For the mom who deserves to be on cloud nine…Eggs In Clouds


For the sweetest mom...Double Chocolate Doughnuts With Chocolate Sprinkles


For ALL the moms…Lazy Sunday Mimosas

You deserve it. Cheers to you and everything you do!