Daily Self Love Accountability Questions to Ask Yourself

Daily Self Love Accountability Questions to Ask Yourself

Often the hard part of self love is knowing where to begin. We all want to love ourselves—but the question is, how do you love yourself? What does that mean? The key to self love is self awareness. Only when you truly know yourself can you love yourself and build a life that is in alignment with and in service to your true self. Asking yourself self love accountability questions empowers you to start cultivating a life that honors your needs, while also forging a path forward that nurtures self development and growth. 

In theory, self love is a destination. In action, self love is a continual journey, one that starts with self understanding and then continues into self acceptance, and self care. To embark on this journey, we must ask ourselves the tough questions—holding ourselves accountable so that we live with intention—instead of on autopilot. 

Easier said than done, right? We feel you. It’s easier to stay non-confrontational with ourselves. It’s comfortable and we all like to feel comfortable. But comfortable is only today’s satisfaction. It’s important to remember that the difficult questions we ask ourselves today are the groundwork for our long-term joy.

Melody Godfred, founder of Fred and Far and the Self Love Pinky Ring, shared with us a recent example of self love answerability that allowed needed growth in her life:

“Due to the pandemic, basic survival had been top of mind for me. Making sure I had the house stocked with essentials, providing a warm and happy environment for my kids. But due to my intense focus on my home and my kids, my relationship with myself suffered. I hadn’t asked myself the basic questions that I usually explore to ensure that I am in alignment with my true self. Many of the questions below are questions that I needed to revisit because I wanted to do more than survive. I wanted to reclaim joy.”

Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover Where to Focus Your Love and Attention 

  1. Do I know what I need in order to be fulfilled on a daily basis? Am I meeting those needs?

  2. Am I compromising my long-term joy for short-term safety?

  3. How do I actively nurture my relationships (including with myself) instead of being on auto-pilot?

  4. What am I sacrificing right now, and why?

  5. What am I working towards right now, and why?

  6. Am I being brave, or am I letting fear lead?

  7. Is it easy to be in an intimate relationship with me, or are there barriers?

  8. Am I being true to myself in my daily choices, or am I conforming to an external ideal?

  9. How am I replenishing my energy right now?

  10. What gives me delight?

  11. How am I communicating my needs with the people in my life?


Want to learn more about our self love sisterhood ? We invite you to join our Self Love Movement and experience the magic that choosing yourself will bring to your life, and into the lives of everyone around you, because self love fuels all love. And if you need a sparkling daily reminder to choose yourself by practicing self love and self care, make sure to check out the one and only Self Love Pinky Ring.