Dear Dr. Christina: I'm excited but confused

Dear Dr. Christina: I'm excited but confused

"I look at women and get excited but I don’t when I kiss women. How do I tell if I’m bisexual or not?"

Dear I'm excited but confused,

I would be curious to know what “get excited” means to you. I would also want to know if the women you are kissing are the same women that get you excited! Sometimes we feel a strong, energetic connection with another person or a deep affection that may or may not be erotic. Our sexual orientation is actually fluid and not fixed. This means that who you are attracted to could change depending on the circumstance or person. I would encourage you to continue exploring your feelings and don’t rush to give yourself a label.

 Dr. Christina


About Dr. Christina Stein

Christina is a Sex Therapist and Relationship Expert who specializes in reinvigorating relationships and empowering women. She has a private practice in Santa Monica, California where she works with individuals and couples to reclaim desire and connection with themselves and their partner. She is passionate about teaching people how to take the monotony out of monogamy.

In this day in age woman are expected to excel both personally and professionally, as both mothers and wives, and Christina is aware of how challenging that is for many women. In addition to personal and professional development and success, women are constantly struggling to stay connected to their sexuality and maintain a passionate relationship with their partners.

With her enthusiasm for facilitating personal growth and awareness, Christina focuses on helping individuals and couples discover their strengths and accomplish their goals, leading to a more inspiring life. Christina helps women awaken their desire, giving them greater self-confidence and empowering them as women. She also works with couples to create greater intimacy and teaches them how to light a spark that creates anticipation and excitement in their relationships.

Christina is a licensed marriage and family therapist, holds a masters in clinical psychology, and a Ph.D. in human sexuality.

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