Design Your Dream Stack

Design Your Dream Stack

When I first created the Self Love Pinky Ring in 2016, there was only one option: the White Sapphire Self Love Pinky Ring in a prong setting. And while I'm still absolutely enamored with our original, iconic self love reminder, I love seeing how our sisterhood is taking advantage of the different styles, stones and even rings (hello ME Ring!) to create their dream stacks.

Here are some popular pairings for you to consider as you design your dream stack:

The ME Trinity 

ME Ring Trinity

The holy trinity of ME Rings, this stack is achieved by combining the ME Ring in three metals: 14k Yellow Gold, 14K Rose Gold and 14K White Gold. The ME is designed to nestle perfectly within itself for a seamless fit. The ME Trinity also features special pricing ($649 for the trio instead of $747 if you were to purchase them individually).


ME + Mini Stack

ME Ring + Alexandrite Mini Self Love Pinky Ring

Our most popular stack, this pairing looks great with all metal variations and stones. A few recent pairings we love: the peridot Mini and ME ring both in yellow gold, The blue topaz and ME Ring both in sterling silver, and the Alexandrite Mini paired with the Sterling Silver ME Ring (pictured here).


ME + Original Self Love Pinky Ring Stack

Self Love Pinky Ring ME Stack

Think of your ME as the crown on top of your Self Love Pinky Ring. 

 ME Ring Crown

Birthstone Stacks

Ruby Rose Gold Stack

Top your Self Love Pinky Ring with your birthstone Mini for a special Self Love pairing. Pictured here, the Ruby Mini Self Love Pinky Ring paired with the Original Self Love Pinky Ring, both set in Rose Gold (our most popular metal). Shop the full birthstone collection of 10+ gems here: Fred and Far birthstone collection.


ME Sandwich

ME Ring and Mini Self Love Pinky Ring Stacks

Wear your ME between any two Mini Self Love Pinky Rings for a beautiful celebration of your authentic self. Remove the ME and you'll still have a gorgeous Mini Duo.

Mini Duo

However you design your stack, let it be a daily reminder to be yourself, love yourself and choose yourself. Because authenticity is the ultimate act of self love, and the world needs your unique gifts. Especially now.


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