Find your ME

Find your ME

I found my ME in an A Minor chord waiting to be played on my piano 

I found my ME tucked away on the top shelf of my library in a book by Toni Morrison filled with the most decadent prose 

I found my ME in ticket stubs from an outdoor concert where everyone knew the words and was singing along 

I found my ME in a picture of cobbled streets of a far away city only explored by the most curious travelers 

I found my ME in a faded journal filled with feelings felt by a girl who felt everything 

I found my ME in a recording of my voice from the time I sang every day 

I found my ME... my authentic self, in the space between adolescence and adulthood 

Where just enough fearless independence fulfilled my soul's most honest and essential desires

Relics of that time are scattered around my house, covered in dust 

So I've started to dance

To shake away the dust 

And awaken my ME so it can lead again