Founder Melody Godfred Shares Her Perspective on Passion and Success

Founder Melody Godfred Shares Her Perspective on Passion and Success

Recently, we were fortunate enough for the opportunity to sit down with the women behind The Passionistas Project, a movement to create dialogue by sharing the stories of strong, empowered and passionate women from all disciplines and walks of life. During this interview, Fred and Far founder, Melody Godfred, shares her story. as well as her insight on a variety of topics, including passion, choosing yourself, defining success, personal mantras, and the core of her daily routine. Check it out below:


In this short clip, Melody not only talks about what she is most passionate about, but also discusses how the term "passion" can sometimes be limiting. Often, when trying to find what we're passionate about, we are looking for a sole thing, leading us to segment ourselves into certain boxes or categories; however, in actuality, it is the sum of our experiences and character traits that allow us to impact the world. 

Choosing Yourself

Fred and Far is founded on the idea of choosing yourself, but for some, this phrase can be hard to translate in real life. In this short clip, Melody talks about what it means to choose yourself and how to claim your worth.

Defining Success

We all have different measures for ourselves, and here, Melody what she defines success as. In the comments below, be sure to share what success means to you. 

Personal Mantras

Melody claims that having a mantras were a huge shift for her not only in terms of defining herself as a woman, but also in terms of fully experiencing happiness, which she believes is the catalyst to all good things. Learn what two mantras Melody focuses on to help ground her and free her of guilt and shame.

Daily Routine

Ever wonder what the most important part of a founder's daily routine is? Melody shares the key to her daily routine in this short clip, and explains that women can, in fact, have it all.

Creative Blocks

Unfortunately, no one is a stranger to creative blocks. In this short clip, Melody discusses how she deals with creative blocks, from challenging herself, to pushing through them, to her emphasis on taking care of herself and her body. 

Want More?

To learn more of Melody's journey and the insights she has picked up along the way, be sure to listen to the full podcast below:

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