Friday Feature: Aimee David Founder of Fluid Beach

Friday Feature: Aimee David Founder of Fluid Beach

This week we're proud to share Aimee David, founder of Fluid Beach. 

Tell us about your newest project, Fluid Beach?

Hi, I just shipped my first store this past month on the dream island of Lanai in Hawaii the Four seasons hotel! I started thinking of creating the brand and specifically the slip dress swimsuit set around the summer of 2019.

What inspired you to create the Fluid Beach signature set?

Inspired by the ever changing curves in my body.. wanting to cover all the right parts but show the most beautiful parts of my figure. Started as halter, skinny straps, not tight, showing the décollete, the amazing fabric, and adding the swimsuit were afterthoughts to the project… was a design that grew as the idea evolved. Was originally gonna be called fatty tuna.

(I was still in my ironic fun stage of my first brand but then realized a simple product needs a calming name, not funny).

I was traveling a lot that summer I decided to do this. I went from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, explored the beaches from Santa Monica to Venice down to Laguna down to the other surfer spots closer south the California coast, I then hit Boca Raton for a fun respite with my cousin and I noticed the hotel shops didn’t have anything simple and chic to layer with swim and cover up.

That same summer I went up north to these huge giant lakes of the Adirondacks to visit my kids at sleep away camp, then to Rockaway beach NY and shelter island in the Hamptons… Putting the puzzle together I wanted a solution to go from beach to dinner, brunch to pool, camp bunks to water skiing, a ferry to beach, beach to yacht, yacht to dancing… without having to stop and change, the concept of complete fluidity in the moment to enjoy what’s around and look and feel simple and sensual.


Can you give us a story that exemplifies why you get fulfillment out of the work you do?

I think necessity is the mother of invention. I love inventing things that I can’t find. I will combine multiple concepts and create something I need. I once designed plastic bangles from a gold lanyard, I wanted bangles during the “sex in the city” gold rush- I saw Sarah Jessica Parker at bar Piti sitting there and I gave her a set! She called my cell phone the next day and left me the sweetest message and said everyone loved them on the set and thanked me profusely.

I figure if I need it others will too. Looking good in something you make is fun, and if someone else looks and feels good in it… I’m overjoyed.

Is there a roadblock you had to overcome to get where you are today?

A billion times yes! It was very complicated to produce this. It took many steps to perfect.

How did you do it?

Patience, time, help from friends and family giving ideas or support. Factories that wanted to work with me and were patient with my navigating a new product.


This isn’t your first apparel company. You launched Queen of E.vil when you were in your twenties. How does it feel to revisit entrepreneurship all over again now that you’re in your 40s?

The lines are so different. My first brand depicted my desire to express myself using clothing as media and the second brand my desire to be sensual and effortless.

Is there something you consider yourself an expert in? What has it taught you?

I love typography. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I’d try to win the bronze. I recently saw the Errol Morris film about Joanna -Timothy Leary’s protege. This documentary made me remember why I studied Advertising Art direction in school. Perfection in its design in a disjointed way. Only the masters can do that.

What role has self love played in your personal and/or professional journey in the last year?

I think self love and launching a second brand go together. Your first brand you do to get noticed, and your second is like “wait what about me”- you are designing for yourself - a Renaissance in your personal journey of rebranding yourself. I swim now, joined a gym with a luxurious spa room that I can answer emails and work from. Very indulgent.

For me at least.

When was the last time you had to be super brave?

Every day and night before I sleep. Nights are harder than days- you have to be brave to learn from the day's fresh wounds and let them heal overnight. Thank god for ice coffee in the morning.

What does choosing yourself mean to you?

It means not waiting for anyone to reach me, for work or pleasure. Being in the moment - hard to do. But working on it.

How do you practice self love and care on a daily/weekly basis?

Just started the Aap Sahahee hoa mantra for prosperity and protection. It’s a little kundalini prayer that resonates with me now.

When you were a child, what made you the happiest?

Bike riding.

What is your advice to your 10, 18, 25, and 30-year-old self?

10- make then laugh

18- learn to blow out your hair

25- get your hair done

30- don’t stop traveling

What do you love most about yourself?

My Empathy and the ability to understand others and art, music, movies, concepts, and all forms of communication (except I can’t read a book straight through).

What is your message for our community?

Therapy is important.

Anything you have going on right now that you want to promote or share?

My daughter spoke at graduation. Mom is still proud, and so is Bob Marley. (Inside joke part of her speech:)


What is your website so people can get in touch with you?

Get a FLUID BEACH slip dress and swimsuit set.

Each set is comprised of:

1 slip dress

1 bikini bag

1 bikini top

2 bikini bottoms

three length options for the slip dress:

Mini (Mid-thigh)

Midi (Knee length)

Maxi (Floor length)

The bikini top / bralette: A classic triangle fit

The bottoms: A hip hugger and a cheeky fit...depending on your mood

The bikini bag: A cross body bag with an adjustable strap

The FLUID BEACH slip dress and swimsuit set is made of double layered micro mesh. The fabric is a soft and luminous combination of Nylon and Spandex. The slip dress has an inside layer that defines the body. The outer layer is precisely designed to flow with your movements.

Subtly sheer and opaque throughout.

Adjustable halter straps accentuate the décolleté.

Sensual yet essential. Feminine and fluid.

Connect with Aimee on Instagram @fluidbeach or at