Friday Feature: Boss Babe Lani Llacuna Morales

Friday Feature: Boss Babe Lani Llacuna Morales

Each week, our Friday Feature celebrates powerful women from our sisterhood who share their magic with the world in unique and inspiring ways. Last week, we started a Boss Babe Friday Feature series, and chatted with multiple women in our community whose passions and creativity have made them fierce entrepreneurs. These go-getters share their journeys, hurdles they've had to overcome, and wisdom they've picked up along the way, which we are so excited to be able to share.

Meet Lani Llacuna Morales, Founder of Love Knots

Give us one line describing what your business is about! 

love to create ╳ create to live ╳ live to love

When did you start the business? 


Why did you start the business? What inspired you? 

My back story: I grew up in a crafting house. My mom was a woman who constantly had a craft going - from knitting, crocheting, embroidery to sanding and painting her own furniture. My love of DIY comes straight from her and, although I’d always known how to crochet and knit, I never really picked it up on a full-time basis; not until i got pregnant with my little bug about 3 yrs ago. 

I still remember we were moving and I was sifting through some old boxes of hers. She had passed a few years before, and I found a few blankies she had made for my “future” kids. I sat in that garage and cried, partially because I missed her so much, but also because, even though she wasn’t here with me, I still had a piece of her - her time and love - that I could share with my son.

It hit me how special it is to make something for someone - to spend the time and effort on a piece for someone else - and I knew I had to share this passion I felt. So I picked up a crochet hook for the first time in probably a decade and I started crocheting; for him, for me, a lot for my momma, and also to spread a little bit of love.


What are you most proud of accomplishing so far? 

Sticking with it.

What hurdle did you have to overcome to get this far? 

Myself and life getting in the way. It is so easy to put things off for another day, week, or month because you are busy in the moment with everything going on, but I *try* make time at least twice a week to work on new things, especially if I have an order.

What's one lesson you've learned that you wish someone had taught you before starting your business? 

That not everyone will love your creations. This is especially hard when you are making each piece by hand. But that is ok - and you have to roll with the punches rather than take it personally. Harder said than done sometimes.

How has your Self Love Pinky Ring and the commitment you made to choose yourself impacted your journey as an entrepreneur? 

I originally purchased my ring when I was going through a really transitional period in my life – new mom and overwhelmed about everything. It really helped to center me and remind me to take time for myself during a time when that was really difficult.

Continuing my journey into entrepreneurship, my ring now more than ever reminds me that I can do it, and that I should do it because I believe in myself and my vision, even when I get off course.


How can we follow your brand!?


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