Friday Feature: Lindsay Solmer

Friday Feature: Lindsay Solmer

Each week, our Friday Feature celebrates powerful women from our sisterhood who share their magic with the world in unique and inspiring ways. This week, we spoke with Lindsay Solmer, an actress, blogger, content creator and fashionista. Between moving to New York to pursue her dream of acting and beginning her own personal brand, this inspiring tribe member shares her experience stepping outside her comfort zone while also discussing how she practices self love. 

What inspired you to do what you’re doing today (day job or side hustle or both!)?

Firstly, when I was younger I was a ballerina and I was obsessed with the movie Center Stage! This American teen drama was the film that made me realize I wanted to live in NYC when I grew up.

The moment I knew I wanted to act was when I danced the role of Clara in the Nutcracker with the Alberta ballet. I was 12 years old and this was the first dance role that allowed me to get into character.

After that roll I begged my mom and dad to let me take acting classes, as I knew that dancing wasn’t enough. A few weeks later I began taking acting classes and soon enough landing the lead role in my high school musical, Guys and Dolls. All I can say is thank goodness my parents have always believed in me and are continuously supportive of my dreams. I would not be where I am
without them constantly cheering me on.

Can you give us a story that exemplifies why you get fulfillment out of the work you do?

I remember in my 2nd year at the acting conservatory here in NYC we had to do a scene from a classical play. My scene partner and I were given The Seagull, by Chekhov, and I played Nina. This was probably one of the hardest roles I had yet to take on. In this scene, my character goes through an emotional rollercoaster. One minute she’s extremely joyful and the next she’s hysterically crying.

For weeks, I had been practicing, but I was still having a really hard time nailing the emotions and I began to get frustrated with myself. This is the first time I remember breaking down cause I thought I wasn’t good enough.

It’s crazy how everything happens for a reason because my acting teacher ending up popping into that rehearsal, and he saw me upset. He sat me down and told me to stop trying so hard. Acting isn’t about pretending to be something or to feel some way; it’s about being honest with yourself and channeling who you already are as a human and your organic emotions into that character.

After this, not only did I nail the scene, but these words stuck with me. I began to let my walls down and let my heart be open and just be unapologetically me.

Is there a roadblock you had to overcome to get where you are today? How did you do it?

When I decided acting was my career goal, I knew when I was 17 that I had to either move to L.A. or N.Y.C. after high school. I chose New York, as it was always my dream, thanks to Center Stage, to live in this big city that never sleeps.

Although it was coming true, moving here all the way from Vancouver, Canada wasn’t an easy step. My parents dropped me off and when they said goodbye it was time to start making new friends and a new life. It was a big and scary step, which involved a lot of tears, but one of the most important steps in my life. I love New York and everything and everyone it has brought into my life.

Have you ever struggled with self-doubt? If so, how did you push past it?

Of course! The entertainment and fashion industry is full of rejection. There are times when I wonder if I can handle it, but I just remind myself why I started and all the support I have from everyone in my life. I wouldn’t be able to pursue this without them.

When’s the last time you had to be super brave?

The last time I had to be super brave is when I didn’t get accepted into the grad theatre company at my acting conservatory. I thought I nailed the audition and I was set. But I didn’t and I had to figure out my next move. Either transfer to a different school and get my bachelors degree or go back home to Canada.

I decided to not give up and I got my working visa for a year as I applied for college here in NYC. This was a big decision for me as I was never much of an academic kind of gal. School scared me as I struggled in high school, but I knew that this was the best decision for me.

A year later, I was accepted to Hunter College. Although I was a theatre major, I was exposed to so many new things that excited me. This is when I began to get more involved in the fashion industry and creating my own personal brand on my social media platforms. I also began working in the costume shop designing costumes for the school plays on photoshop and then bringing them to life by hand. That being said, never stay inside your comfort zone, because when you break out of it you will realize how capable and brave you truly are.

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What does choosing yourself mean to you?

Not letting other people’s opinions affect me, and remembering that I don’t need to
explain myself to anyone.

How do you practice self love and care on a daily/weekly basis?

Getting a foot massage while getting a pedicure. That’s heaven.

What is your favorite way to express yourself, and why?

Recently I love to express myself through fashion! I think that may be a reason I started LOOKSLIKELINDS. It’s another outlet for me to let my creativity flow.

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What is your advice to your 25, 30, and 40-year-old self?

25-year-old me: You’re still young. Don’t stress if you aren’t where you thought you’d be.
30-year-old me : Take a break and breathe! Life’s too short, so remember to spend time with your family.
40-year-old me: Sometimes you just need a margarita!

What do you love most about yourself?

I love my optimism! It keeps me going even when things aren’t going the way I

What is your message for our tribe?

The world is full of rejection but just remember you deserve it. Keep reaching for your goals.

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Finish these sentences:

Women shouldsupport each other. 
Women can: be strong
Women will: be equal
I am: me and that's enough.  
My ring is my reminder to: call my sisters and mom and tell them I love them.