Friday Feature: How to Overcome Shame and Heal Your Body with Shannon Amrein

Friday Feature: How to Overcome Shame and Heal Your Body with Shannon Amrein

This week we're proud to share sisterhood member Shannon Amrein. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease and being sick for many years, Shannon found herself at a crossroads: either keep following the allopathic methods of treatment that were making her sicker or forge a new path. She decided to take a new path and ended up healing herself completely from all diseases using energetic techniques. That journey inspired her to study and learn more about healing, so she could share this amazing recovery with others. Today, Shannon is a Shamanic practitioner, trained in the lineage of contemporary Star and Earth Shamanism. She is here embodying the ancient and future cosmic and earth wisdom - so she can share this healing power with you, in this body, this life. Shannon's role is as a physical and energetic body healer, and she specializes in working with those who have been disconnected from their body, suffering from chronic illness, or are reclaiming themselves after trauma.


Where do you think shame comes from when it comes to our bodies?

We are raised in a society that literally teaches us shame. You’re too fat or too thin, too muscular or too weak, too this or too that. From the time we’re conscious of our bodies, we’re already receiving programming that our body is not enough. We’re already learning that we are less than, that our body is our enemy, instead of our closest friend. And we can’t change what body we’re in, so sooner or later this turns into shame around our bodies and how they look, perform, and show up in the world.

How do you rebel against shame in your daily life?

I simply don’t let it be part of my life anymore. If I notice a “shame thought” creeping into my mind, I notice WHY I am feeling that shame. What is going on? Where am I putting my worth on my body, instead of on my soul, on who I am as a person? I don’t banish the shame or refuse to look at it. That wouldn’t be productive. I simply do my best to acknowledge it and then dissolve it out of my energy. So for example, if I wake up in the morning and feel bloated, I might start to feel shame about my stomach not being “flat enough”. I let myself feel that, and then I ask myself, “Where can I use this trigger to remind myself that I’m worthy no matter what my body is doing today?” I usually move past the shame, or rebel against it, by continuing to move through my day with confidence, love for myself, and without letting those “shame thoughts” take up any more space in my mind.

Has shame influenced any of your decisions? How would things have turned out differently for you?

Shame has definitely influenced how I have shown up before. The most intense body shame I ever experienced was when I had late-stage Lyme disease and was sick for many years. My body suddenly became unable to move through the world competently, and I felt shame for not having a normal body. This shame influenced how I allowed myself to show up in the world, make friends and be social. I also allowed this shame to keep me from sharing my story for a very long time. I don’t however think that things would have turned out differently without the shame. It was a very important piece in my healing journey from chronic disease to full health.

What is the connection for you between self love, overcoming shame, and healing the body/body positivity?

They’re inextricably intertwined. Self-love is how you heal shame, and healing shame is how you find self-love. They go hand in hand. And healing the body, which can be connected to body positivity for many people, is how we can move shame out of our systems and invite back in love. We can’t have one without the others.

Your account is filled with uplifting moments of you being you. How did you overcome shame to shine so authentically and brightly?

Lots and lots of energetic healing and sometimes just forcing myself to take the steps forward even when I really didn’t want to. Sometimes we just have to start, even if it seems scary or impossible. Because the truth is that nothing is out of our reach if we simply start to take the steps towards being our TRUEST selves.

What tips do you have for someone who is just learning to love their body?

Your body is your biggest supporter, it loves you more than anything in existence. Your body is an absolutely incredible machine that keeps you alive, healthy, able to experience this life. It is the most important thing in your life. Treat your body like you would treat the thing or person you care most about in the world. Because your body, your vessel, is the reason you’re even here, alive right now, and IS the most important thing in your life.

Tell us about your work?

I am a healer and shamanic practitioner. My work merges the energetic and physical realms to guide others to the deepest layers of healing their soul is craving. I specialize in working with chronic illness, inherited/ancestral + past life trauma, energetic/physical deadness in the body, and the healing + reclamation of sexual energy after trauma or disconnect of any kind.

What inspired you to do the work you’re doing?

My own healing journey! I found complete health after nearly dying from Lyme disease via energetic work. Once I received a clean bill of health - with no help from any physical treatments - I realized that this was a gift I had to share with the world. I spent years studying and honing my skills, and now I get to do this work every day with incredible people & amazing results.

Can you give us a story that exemplifies why you get fulfillment out of the work you do?

I have a group program called HEAL. The women who are currently in this container with me have been making enormous strides, healing physical symptoms, learning to connect to their bodies and love themselves, learning to hone their intuitive abilities and follow their hearts. Every time I connect with these women I am hit again by a wave of fulfillment and gratitude for this work.

Is there a roadblock you had to overcome to get where you are today? How did you do it?

My years with illness, 100%, which I’ve explained above. Also, self doubt/low self confidence kept me from sharing my work and gifts for a long time. Learning how to bring greater love to my body and self was instrumental in getting to where I am today.

Is there something you consider yourself an expert in? What has it taught you?

Grounding in the body, learning to talk to it, and healing it. This is the foundation for how I healed myself, and how I teach others to heal themselves too.

What does choosing yourself mean to you?

It means choosing what lights you up, what is best for you, what brings you the greatest joy, in everything you do. When we choose ourselves from a place of unconditional love (instead of from a place of ego or fear), we spread that unconditional love throughout the world. It’s a ripple effect. Unapologetically choosing yourself creates the opportunity for all those around you to choose themselves, which ripples out to the collective. Choosing yourself is not selfish, despite what your ego-mind might tell you. It’s selfless because it's the greatest act of healing you can perform for yourself.

How do you practice self love and care on a daily/weekly basis?

Through movement (running, yoga, swimming), meditation, journaling, reading, being in nature, and spending time with loved ones.

When you were a child, what made you the happiest?

Being out in nature! This is still what makes me happiest today. From a very young age, I had a deep love for the outdoors, and a deep connection to animals. To this day, when I need to ground myself and build up my supply of self love, I go out in nature and/or spend time with animals.

What do you love most about yourself?

My ability to go after what I want, no matter how difficult it may seem. From healing illness to moving to France for 2 years after college, to starting a business, I’ve achieved a lot of goals that I am so proud of having done.

What is something you're willing to be vulnerable about with us?

It isn’t always easy to have love for myself and my body every day. I have days of low confidence, days where I doubt myself, days where I feel like I don’t know anything. I do my best not to beat myself up for this, and just move through the emotions, giving myself some extra love and support. Some days, that’s the best we can do. We are humans after all.

What is your message for our community?

Your body LOVES you. Seriously, more than anything else in the world, your body loves you. It is your best friend. Your biggest cheerleader. It will always love you and support you. I encourage you to start bringing in more love and support for your body, more and more every day. The better your relationship is with your body, the better your whole world will be. Our experience of the world starts with our experience of ourselves, which starts with our body. You have the power to create a healthy, loving relationship with your body. Start now! Look at yourself in the mirror and really see how beautiful you are, inside and out. Tell your body you love it. Create a relationship with your body. It will only serve you.

Anything you have going on right now that you want to promote or share?

I have a newly released Elemental Embodiment Journey, which teaches you how to use the elements (earth, air, water, fire) to build a loving relationship with yourself and your body.

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