Friday Feature: Leanne Aranador founder of Ladoru

Friday Feature: Leanne Aranador founder of Ladoru

Each week, our Friday Feature celebrates powerful women from our sisterhood who share their magic with the world in unique and inspiring ways. A few weeks ago, we started a Boss Babe Friday Feature series, and chatted with multiple women in our community whose passion and creativity have made them fierce entrepreneurs. These go-getters share their journeys, hurdles they've had to overcome, and wisdom they've picked up along the way, which we are so excited to be able to share.

We're especially excited to share Leanne Aranador, the founder of Ladoru, because she played an instrumental role in developing our brand as our first Art Director. Leanne worked hand-in-hand (heart-in-heart) with our founder Melody to define the Fred and Far look and feel, and we couldn't be more proud to now share her art with you.

Meet Leanne Aranador, Founder of Ladoru

Give us one line describing what your business Ladoru is about! 

We create wearable art that inspires closets and minds. 

When did you start the business? 

My business launched on September 24th, 2018 and has been in the making since January 2015.

Why did you start the business? 

I created this brand to encourage women to wear their voices and transform their lives and the world around them.

What inspired you? 

For too long I allowed other people’s opinions and actions dictate who I was. A job rejection meant I was unworthy. A guy who never called me after the first date meant I was unlovable. A colleague that didn’t acknowledge my hard work meant I was valueless. The lies I chose to believe became deafening to the point that I couldn’t hear my own voice.

It was when my friend suggested, as a New Year’s resolution, to doodle every day for a whole year that I began to hear a faint, whisper of myself. It wasn’t until the 209th day that I recognized the true value of expressing my voice through my art.

My voice has the power to decide who I am. It has the power to turn my imperfections into points of interests and my vulnerabilities into strengths. From that day on I promised myself to always honor my voice, for I am loved, valued, and purposed.
That is when Ladoru was born. Ladoru is a collection of wearable art that inspires closets and minds. Just as you choose your clothes every day, you can choose the words and thoughts you put on. It’s my hope that every day you’ll be inspired to choose to wear compassion, kindness, humility, strength and most importantly, love. Because our words shape our world. 



What are you most proud of accomplishing so far? 

I'm most proud of the people I've been able to connect with and bring together through this process. 

What hurdle did you have to overcome to get this far? 

My own fear and doubts. Not allowing the obstacles I see in front of me as signs that this business is not supposed to happen.  

What's one lesson you've learned that you wish someone had taught you before starting your business? 

Your business will only be as good as you are and your business will only grow as much as you do. Your personal life and business or not as far from each other than you think. 

How has your Self Love Pinky Ring and the commitment you made to choose yourself impacted your journey as an entrepreneur? 

It reminds me to check my heart and give myself permission to create purely for pleasure.


How can we follow your brand?

@ladoru and @leannearanador

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