Friday Feature: Charlie Robbins

Friday Feature: Charlie Robbins

Each week, our Friday Feature celebrates powerful women from our tribe who share their magic with the world in unique and inspiring ways. This week, we chatted with Charlie Robbins, prolific creator, and producer of typewritten poetry, which we even feature in the Fred and Far HQ (see below). Charlie joined the tribe in November and has been a fierce ambassador ever since, sharing inspiration and celebrating us and our tribe. This creative go-getter shares her journey into writing as well as tips for self love and self care among mothers. 


When you were a child, what made you the happiest?

I was born a dreamer and a lover of books, so I’d quietly disappear inside my own little world every possible moment I could.

Did you have a turning point in your life where you decided it was time to choose yourself? What was it?

In 2016, I packed up my home, my kids, my heart, and my belongings, turned a page, and celebrated a brave new beginning with self worth, self care, and self love at the very heart of it.

What inspired you to do the work you're doing today?

The writings of those before and around me that have inspired, motivated or comforted me. I want to continue those conversations - to be that inspiration, motivation, and comfort for those coming up alongside me.

Can you give us a story that exemplifies why you get fulfillment out of the work you do?

I wrote the words “I’m perfectly flawless my scars are what’s gorgeous,” and they ended up in the hands of a breast cancer survivor. This is and will remain for me one of the most important moments of my writing journey.

When's the last time you had to be super brave?

For me, brave is committing to listing what I’m grateful for every morning as I open my tired eyes when there are bills and messages and emails and responsibilities I could just as easily prioritize.

How do you practice self love and care on a daily/weekly basis?

I'm so proud of my self talk. In my most challenging moments, my inner voice is supportive and encouraging and empowering. It’s a conscious effort I’ve worked hard at and my finest act of self love. Self care for me is choosing sleep over alone time, social media and Netflix - a choice I know every Mum grapples with and what it comes down to, if we’re honest, is that we simply can’t thrive without it.

What does choosing yourself mean to you today?

Keeping my circle tight, choosing elements of my day that genuinely matter to me, and redesigning my life.

What is your advice to your 40-year-old self?

My advice to myself right now in this present moment is, "Believe in yourself Charlie. I see you on the precipice of so much goodness, questioning your power and whether or not you have the right to any of this, but I know how hard you work, so keep your head up woman and go get it."

What has motherhood taught you about self love?

That it’s a concept we have to teach our kids from the very beginning. It’s at the heart of raising gentle young men and empowered young women.

What do you love most about yourself?

My spirit. In the past few years, I've learned that you just cannot keep me down. There’s no disaster I can’t turn around. Nothing and no one can displace my invisible crown, and I'm proud to say not only that this is goodness I thrive on, but also that I share around. Come tell me your darkness and I will always show you where the light is to be found.

Why is uplifting/celebrating/empowering women important to you?

I’m a lover of sisterhood, a cheerleader by nature and a believer that the future is empowered women creating and holding space for each other.

Finish these sentences:

Women should: walk with swagger. We give LIFE. Every step we take should be a step into our power.

Women can: write our own stories. We’re directing and producing now, and we’re taking the lead.

Women will: change the way of the world by raising beautiful boys as well as beyoutiful girls.

I am: a #PrettyCitySydney living Caribbean English QUEEN, loving on my work and my three miracle children.

My ring is my reminder to: not settle in area of my existence for anything less than that fireworks magic

Check out more of Charlie's work on her website. And if you like the Self Love Pinky Ring featured in Charlie's photos, check it out below!