How To Keep Your Self Love Pinky Ring Sparkling

How To Keep Your Self Love Pinky Ring Sparkling

When we designed the Self Love Pinky Ring, our intention was to create a ring that you would wear every single day as a symbol and reminder of your commitment to yourself. Just like you need self care to stay your sparkling best, so does your pinky ring. Here are our top four tips for keeping your Self Love Pinky Ring as bright and shiny as you are:

1. Give Your Ring a Bath

Whether you have a Sterling Silver or Solid Gold Ring, it’s a good idea to give your ring a bath every month or so to remove anything that may accumulate underneath the stone due to your regular wear. We suggest mixing a Dawn dish soap with a half a cup of boiling water, to a pot and then adding your ring. Let your ring sit for a few minutes in the solution on the stove while achieving a slow, low boil, before removing it. Carefully dump the water, and then use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently clean the underside of the stone (making sure not to brush the band as much as possible). Rinse with some cool water and voila! You’ve got your sparkle back.

For Sterling Silver pinky rings, you can also create a Salt Bath that will take the tarnish right off your ring (while also inspiring your inner chemist). Fill a cup with hot water. Add one tablespoon of salt and stir until it dissolves. Tear a few strips of aluminum foil and put them in the bowl. Place the ring in the cup and stir. The combination will react with the tarnish on the Silver’s surface to restore the ring’s shine.

2. Avoid Chemicals, Sweat and Lotions

Everyday chemicals and even your own sweat can impact the brilliance of your Self Love Pinky Ring. Remove your ring when engaging with chlorine, soap, salt water, household cleaning chemicals and extreme heat or light. Lotion is a big no no with all jewelry, but especially Sterling Silver, as it can cause your ring to immediately tarnish. If you’re someone who can’t live without lotion on her hands, apply your lotion first, let it dry, and then put your pinky ring on. Make sure to also take your ring off when you wash your hands.

3. Take Your Ring Off Before You Get Down and Dirty

All gemstones are susceptible to being chipping or scratched, so take your pinky ring off before you do anything too aggressive, including working out, hitting the beach or planting in your garden. When you take off your ring, make sure to store it in an airtight box, such as the nifty clear box it comes in (as air can cause Silver to oxidize and tarnish over time).

4. Invest in some Professional Jewelry Cleaning Supplies

If you want to up your jewelry care a notch, there are ample, inexpensive jewelry cleaning tools and cleaners available (hello Amazon!). For Silver, you can purchase a silver cleaning microfiber cloth for a few dollars or a jewelry soak that you can use for Silver or Gold.

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