A Guilt-Free Payment Plan for Your Self Love Pinky Ring

A Guilt-Free Payment Plan for Your Self Love Pinky Ring

It is our dream to empower every woman to have her own Self Love Pinky Ring as a symbol and reminder of her self love and commitment. With that said, we recognize how difficult it can be to save money to spend on yourself, and the last thing we want is for you to incur high-interest credit card debt to join us.

That’s why we’re partnering with Reel to help you save up for your very own Self Love Pinky Ring. This innovative platform automates your savings so you don’t have to. You’re buying with savings, instead of credits, which is why Reel is much better than a loan. It helps you commit to yourself and your purchases by putting a designated amount of money away for you each day directly from your bank account, on a timeline that you can afford. Unlike like an installment payment or layaway payment where you pay the company, Reel takes money from your debit account each day and holds it for you until you reach your goal. 

Using Reel is SUPER easy, and you can get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the Self Love Pinky Ring you’ve been wanting from our collection on Reel’s website
  2. Pick how much you want to save daily or weekly, then link your bank account to have Reel make automatic transactions towards it. Payments towards your Self Love Pinky Ring starts as low as $1 a day!
  3. As you save, Reel will keep you inspired and track the price for you (so if we have a sale, you’ll know!). And once you have the full amount saved, it will even place the order for you.

And just like that, Team Fred and Far is shipping your Self Love Pinky Ring with love from Los Angeles to wherever in the world you may be!

Putting money away every day is part of the commitment to yourself, just like your Self Love Pinky Ring will be your daily reminder once you receive it. We’re proud to offer this payment plan solution to make the pinky promise to yourself one you can responsibly make, and keep, with zero guilt.

Ready to put a ring on it? Check out Fred and Far on Reel now!