Introducing the Fred And Far Double Clip Necklace

Introducing the Fred And Far Double Clip Necklace

The Fred and Far Double Clip Necklace is designed to transform your Self Love Pinky Ring into a necklace. With two lobster clasps in the front, simply clip one end to each side of your ring for a stunning statement piece. Added bonus? Unclip one side and wear it as a bracelet or anklet. You can also use it hold your favorite charms, or simply attach the two clips together for a more simple look.

We also love the Double Clip Necklace because of how easy it is to take it on and off. While there is an adjustable clip in the back, once you have the perfect length set, you can clip it on and off from the front - without needing help with the clasp from anyone else! The Double Clip Necklace is also great place to securely store your rings while you're at the gym.

The best part? The Double Clip Necklace keeps your Self Love Pinky Ring close to your heart - where your self love reminder belongs. 

The Fred And Far Double Clip Necklace is available in gold or silver PVD plated stainless steel - so it is super strong and tarnish-resistant. Treat yourself or someone you love.

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