Meghan Markle's Pinky Ring - A Nod to Self Love?

Meghan Markle's Pinky Ring - A Nod to Self Love?

When it comes to her jewelry, Meghan Markle is always deliberate, and her latest pinky ring is no exception. From her engagement ring, which has two stones from Princess Diana (set in a trinity style signifying past, present and future), to the stunning aquamarine ring that she wore during her wedding reception (something blue and borrowed again from Princess Diana), Meghan embraces the fact that jewelry has meaning and makes a powerful statement.

That's why her recent portrait with Prince Harry for their TIME100 talk is especially powerful for our movement. In the portrait for Time, Meghan is smiling and looking down at her right hand, which features a bold pinky ring in the style of our Self Love Pinky Ring. It is the focal point of her gaze, while Prince Harry looks directly at the camera.

Ever since she joined the royal family, Meghan has shown what it means for a woman to choose herself, even in the most complex circumstances. Meghan has been very vocal about the importance of self care, and is a champion for women's rights worldwide as she follows in Princess Diana's footsteps. Perhaps for Meghan, this new pinky ring is a symbol of her self love and self worth, which no doubt are what have allowed her to navigate the past few years with such grace. We're proud to see Meghan Markle embrace the pinky ring, Fred and Far's symbol of self love and sisterhood globally.

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Photo credit: Matt Sayles for Time Magazine.

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