Melody Godfred and Shani Silver | A Single Serving Podcast

Melody Godfred and Shani Silver | A Single Serving Podcast

A little over six months ago, my dear friend Shani Silver launched a podcast by, for and about single women called A Single Serving Podcast. The goal: to change the conversation around being single into one that doesn't suck. Spoiler alert: it's really good. So good that it has already had 60,000 downloads.

Shani has been single for eleven years. And she's not mad about it. Her perspective is outrageously uplifting, refreshing, and most of all, real. Her column for Refinery29, Every Single Day, is one of the site's most successful for precisely these reasons. I feel lucky that I got to spend an hour with my friend sharing about my own journey, the Self Love Pinky Ring, this community, the one thing you can do today to amplify your self love, why self love is especially important when you're single, and what it means to be chosen. Because none of us should be defined by the labels society thrusts upon us. Because all of us are worthy of our own love and attention. Because being single is not in fact, a dirty word, and being married isn't a prize.

Whether you're single or not, I hope this episode and the podcast generally, give you the same fuzzy feeling it gives me. Also: the podcast has an active FB group with 700+ phenomenal women that you'll want to check out as well (you're welcome!) Check that out here

Listen to the podcast using the player below, or you can access it via iTunes or Spotify.

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