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Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons

I spoke to my mom today to ask how my daughters are doing since I'm out of town and she’s taking care of them. She told me about how they used flowers pots to create a nook in the backyard where they can read books. She said, “It was completely their idea!” and of course it was. Because they are four. And they are still their untarnished, purest versions. They are full of good ideas and confidence and light and feelings they are feeling in real time.

My job is not to crush them. To help them preserve their ME, to nurture their ideas, to witness their feelings and create space for them to dance with them. To teach them that self love is sacred, and self care is survival. To show them they are born whole and all the love they need is within their own hands. To model for them what it means for a woman to choose herself, each and every day.

This is my job as a mother of girls. A mother of dragons. A mother of the future.

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