The Garnet Self Love Pinky Ring Is Here to Empower You

The Garnet Self Love Pinky Ring Is Here to Empower You

Just in time for our January babies, I’m excited to announce this month’s featured stone: Garnet! Garnet is the January birthstone, carries the perfect energy for starting the new year, and is a celebrity fave.

The garnet gemstone, which is a rich mystical red, is known for its ability to battle negativity and create balance between the mind and emotions. By keeping away the negative and letting in the positive, the garnet stone helps bring energy, strength and direction. It also helps detox the body and promotes sexual energy. Historically it is a stone that has been used for healing, to strengthen, and to amplify commitment. It is known as the commitment stone. 
While on our self-love journeys we can often get in our own way. This garnet ring will help you focus on the positive, stay motivated, and take charge so you can reach higher expressions of love and self-love. 

The Mini Garnet Self Live Pinky Ring is also the perfect stack for the Original White Sapphire Self Love Pinky Ring (pictured below). 

The Garnet Self Love Pinky Ring is available in both the original and mini styles. Let it symbolize the strength and power within you. With an open heart and an open mind, you are capable of anything. 


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