Rings to Buy Yourself: Why More Women Are Buying Jewelry for Themselves

Rings to Buy Yourself: Why More Women Are Buying Jewelry for Themselves

It should come as no surprise that in recent years the jewelry market has seen a boom in women buying jewelry for themselves. Women today want pieces that embody their intrinsic value, passion, and success. And most importantly, women are no longer looking to men to buy for them—blossoming a once-gift-heavy market into one that is fueled by self-love. Instead of waiting to be chosen—women are choosing themselves.

Enter the anti-engagement ring as a case in point. The Self Love Pinky Ring was created by Fred and Far for women more intent on discovering themselves than pining after Prince Charming. The beauty of the Self Love Pinky Ring is that it’s not tied to one’s status as singled or partnered, but rather is about honoring wholeness within yourself either way. The brand was founded by Melody Godfred, who just celebrated 10 years of marriage. She is known for saying that the engagement ring and the Self Love Pinky Ring are not mutually exclusive. “Self love is the foundation of all love,” Melody explains.

Woman wearing The Self Love Pinky Ring and The ME Ring


Not convinced yet? Here are four reasons why you should stop waiting and instead buy yourself a ring that represents your self-love and commitment: 

  1. You Deserve to Be Your Priority—This Ring Is Your Reminder
    When the holidays come and we make our gift lists, there is usually one person who is missing entirely: you. After years of missed holiday seasons, isn’t it time that you gift the one person who is always there for you? Let this act of self-gifting be your first step in realizing you belong at the top of your priority list—each and every day.

  2. Fine Jewelry Is Timeless—Just Like You
    Unlike custom jewelry that only lasts a season before breaking, tarnishing, or going out of style, the Self Love Pinky Ring features a timeless design, precious metals, and fine craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. If you’re going to wear a ring that embodies your self-commitment—it should mirror your priceless worth.

  3. Ditch the Pressure—Make a Commitment to Yourself Instead
    Are you waiting for the one with a growing sense of stagnation? Rather than the mounting pain of hope deferred and longing, make the decision to put yourself first. Commit to the person that is always there for you—you! And invest in getting to know her fully and completely with a Self Love Pinky Ring, today. 

  4. Buy Yourself a Gift—You Are Worth Investing In
    You work hard for your money. As your dedication and professional pursuits continue to pay off, don’t forget to be kind to yourself through self-gifting. Invest in yourself and marvel at all that you have accomplished and all the places you will yet go!

Here are our top picks for rings to buy yourself:

The Self Love Pinky Ring

Get the ring that started a global self-love movement. Fred and Far founder Melody Godfred created the now iconic Self Love Pinky Ring in 2015, and in the process created a new category of rings for women who are ready to choose themselves. While an engagement ring symbolizes your commitment to another, the Self Love Pinky Ring™ represents your commitment to yourself and serves as a daily reminder to practice self-love and self-care. It features a 1.5 carat lab-created white sapphire that is conflict-free, is available in 14k solid gold or sterling silver, and is made with love in Los Angeles, CA. As seen in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Refinery29, Self Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, and more.

Rings to buy yourself

The Mini Self Love Pinky Ring

Just like its big sister The Self Love Pinky Ring, the Mini Self Love Pinky Ring features Fred and Far’s iconic inverted triangle design, but is smaller and set in a low-profile bezel setting for easier daily wear. It features a .5 carat lab-created white sapphire that is conflict-free and is made with love in Los Angeles, CA. Join thousands of women around the world who are already part of our Self Love Movement. Whether you are married, single, or at any point in between or beyond, you belong here. Each Mini Self Love Pinky Ring comes with the Fred and Far pinky promise pledge card and unique packaging so you can sign your name and make your commitment official.

Woman wearing The Self Love Pinky Ring and The ME Ring

The ME Ring

The ME Ring is designed to inspire connection with your authentic self—which we at Fred and Far call your ME. The M and E are connected to represent self integration and wholeness, which is what you achieve when you embrace, love, and care for all the parts of you.

The ME Ring is available in Sterling Silver or 14k rose, yellow, or white gold. Wear it on your pinky, or any other finger that feels right to you! It can be worn alone, or stacked with your Self Love Pinky Ring. Or, if you want to wear all three colors together, purchase the ME Ring Trinity for a special trio price.

birthstone rings to buy yourself

The Birthstone Collection

Want your birthstone or another gem? Check out our full collection here. Fred and Far has a birthstone collection that includes garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, alexandrite, opal, ruby, black spinel, blue sapphire, and pink sapphire, in addition to monthly limited-edition drops of rare gems like ametrine, rainbow quartz, and moreMake sure you’re signed up for the Fred and Far newsletter to be the first to know about new limited edition Self Love Pinky Ring releases.

Woman wearing The Self Love Pinky Ring Birthstone Collection and The ME Ring

There’s no better time than now to buy yourself a gift. Whether it’s the perfect self-love ring (or rings, we see you, ME Ring! Ring stack!) or those coveted shoes you’ve been pinning after... Don’t wait. There isn’t a more fascinating person to discover and woo than yourself. So make the purchase and join Fred and Far’s Self Love Movement and experience the magic that choosing yourself will bring to your life, and into the lives of everyone around you, because self-love fuels all love. Whether you are married, single, or at any point in between or beyond, you belong here

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