Self Care September 30 Day Challenge

Self Care September 30 Day Challenge


It's self care September so let's do a challenge together. Excited to witness your 30 days of self care. Take pictures of your progress & tag us so we can share you. 

Share your daily challenges on social media to create accountability for yourself and to inspire your friends to join you by starting their own self love journeys. Make sure to use the hashtag #fredandfar and tag us so we can root you on every step of the way.

Self Care September 30 Day Challenge:

  1. Take a selfie to have a baseline
  2. Warm lemon water in the AM
  3. Epsom salt bath before bed
  4. Edit your closet to serve the current you
  5. Go for a walk and listen to music
  6. Sleep with phone in another room
  7. Random act of kindness
  8. Write down your mental load to clear your mind
  9. Stretch your back
  10. Buy yourself flowers
  11. Take a water bottle to work
  12. Eat something green with every meal
  13. Take a break from the news
  14. Start or finish the book you've been meaning to read
  15. Schedule your annual physical
  16. Have a dance break
  17. Unfollow people who trigger you
  18. Sleep in - you deserve it
  19. Take your vitamins and probiotic
  20. Do an at home face mask with our recipe
  21. Celebrate a win today with candles
  22. Get moving and don't stop till you sweat
  23. Write a gratitude list for your mirror
  24. Take a nap
  25. Order takeout from your favorite place
  26. Call someone who makes you happy and tell them why
  27. Pay attention to your breath
  28. At home tea tasting with friends
  29. Ask for help
  30. Take a selfie and celebrate your self care journey!

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