Self Care Tips on Surviving Retrogrades

Self Care Tips on Surviving Retrogrades

Mercury retrograde may be over but there are 4 other planetary retrogrades still happening — which is why having a self care routine during retrogrades is essential. Retrogrades mean different things for different planets so they're not all the end of the world. If you want to learn how these retrogrades affect you and how you can work with them then keep reading.

PLUTO RETROGRADE (April 27 - Oct. 6)

Pluto is the planet of transformation aka creation and destruction and has potent energy. Pluto influences our emotions, what lies beneath the surface, and our subconscious mind. Pluto retrograde causes its influence to be inverted which may cause power structures to become more apparent. Since Pluto is an outer planet its influence is more subtle and doesn't affect our day to day lives as much as mercury retrograde. Pluto is retrograding through Capricorn, a sign known for power and control. This energy could make you aware of the power dynamics in your life and the shifts happening within our society.

Self care tip for Pluto Retrograde:

Journal and write down all things that are no longer serving you so that you can process them and let it go. This is the perfect time to deep dive into your subconscious fears and transform your life in the best way possible. 

SATURN RETROGRADE (May 23 - Oct. 10)

Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation, and the planet of discipline and structure. Saturn retrograde influences you to reassess what you want and make the necessary changes needed to live your best life. As it retrogrades through the sign of Aquarius you may feel the need to evolve on a personal and collective level.

Self care tip for Saturn Retrograde:

This is a wonderful energy to plan for the future so create the vision board of your dreams. Vision boards are a great way to manifest whatever you truly desire. Try creating a vision board on Pinterest so that way you can look at it often at any time and anywhere.


JUPITER RETROGRADE (June 20 - Oct. 18)

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, luck, and abundance. When Jupiter goes retrograde you may feel more introspective and wanting to honor your inner truth. This time will ask us to go within and recognize our true potential. Jupiter will shift from Pisces into Aquarius at the end of July and this will urge reflection and spiritual growth.

Self care tip for Jupiter Retrograde:

This is a great time to go within and meditate on ways you would like to expand. By doing this you can gain more insight and clarity on whatever you want to bring into your life. Learn to be open to receiving all that you desire so when Jupiter goes direct you can manifest these desires into your physical reality.


Neptune is the planet of dreams, inspiration, and fantasy. Neptune is less intense than mercury retrograde and affects us much more subtly. Since Neptune is the planet of illusions when it goes retrograde the rose color glasses come off and show us the harsh truth. Neptune is retrograding through Pisces, a dreamy and emotional sign. It is a good time to reflect and see things for what they truly are instead of what you perceive them to be. It's important to readjust your boundaries during this time. 

Self care tip for Neptune Retrograde:

Since you might realize things aren't what they seem during this retrograde, it's important to relieve anxiety and stress with physical movement. Go for a walk, take a new fitness class, or move your body in any way that feels best to let go of any stress this retrograde might cause.

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