Self Love (Pinky Rings) and Sex and the City

Self Love (Pinky Rings) and Sex and the City

Which Self Love Pinky Ring would our favorite besties wear? Let's find out. 20 years ago, four best friends changed everything about how we perceive women on television: Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte's bond with each other in Sex and the City was rooted not just in love for each other, but also love for themselves. They were four women who weren't afraid to choose themselves and love themselves, even when it was painfully difficult to do so. They were authentic, bold, flawed, and absolutely perfect. So on National Best Friend Day, the only question that remains, is which Self Love Pinky Ring would Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda rock as a symbol of their self love and sisterhood?

Samantha Jones: The Ruby Self Love Pinky Ring

Samantha was the fiercest self love advocate of the four, claiming to Richard, "I love you, too, but I love me more." She also wore some of the boldest ensembles of the four, which is why it's no surprise that she would choose the Ruby Self Love Pinky Ring. Rubies promote self love, so metaphysically the stone is a perfect match for Samantha.

Miranda Hobbs: The Mini Emerald Self Love Pinky Ring

From the very first episode of Sex and the City, Miranda made it clear that she was a woman who knew her worth and was more than ready to claim her power. When it came time to choose a partner, she picked someone who saw and valued her exactly as the strong woman she was, which is a testament to her self love. Part of her strength was also her profound love for her family, which is why there's no doubt that she would choose the Mini Emerald Self Love Pinky Ring for a little Irish luck.

Charlotte York: The Mini White Sapphire Self Love Pinky Ring


Charlotte wasn't just a hopeless romantic: she was fiercely committed to her own happiness. Her self love came in the form of never giving up on her ideals, and having the strength the walk away from situations that compromised them. When it comes to her personal style, Charlotte was always a classic, so she would definitely rock the White Sapphire Mini Self Love Pinky Ring, which is the perfect compliment to her Elizabeth Taylor inspired engagement ring from the man who loved her right.

Carrie Bradshaw: The Original Self Love Pinky Ring

For twenty years, Carrie Bradshaw has been the voice in our heads. What made her such a powerful hero (aside from her brazen fashion sense) is that she wasn't perfect, and never pretended to be. She made good decisions, she made bad decisions, and all the while she was vulnerable and authentic about her process. She was also a vocal advocate for having a healthy, loving relationship with yourself, rather than focusing exclusively on love from a man. When it came to fashion, and especially jewelry, Carrie loved to wear bold pieces, often in gold, that had a sentimental touch (remember her gold Carrie necklace?). Carrie Bradshaw would absolutely wear the Original Self Love Pinky Ring in gold as a symbol of her constant commitment to herself and to sharing her voice.

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