Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers

Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers

Last week, I quietly released my new poetry book on Amazon, Self Love Poetry for Thinkers & Feelers. I'm so happy to share that it was the #1 New Release in its category and is also a top ten bestseller. This book of poetry wouldn't have been possible without each of you. Thank you for engaging with me every day on Instagram where I write new poetry daily. You're the inspiration behind the 200 poems that make up this very special book.

As a thank you to you, my earliest and most loyal supporters, I've discounted the price from $14.99 to $9.99 for the next week. Please click through and order a copy for yourself and your loved ones. Now more than ever, I hope my words uplift, inspire and envelop you with unprecedented love, joy, healing and hope.

With your support, I'll stay on the bestseller list and continue to share our community and mission with the people around the world who need it most. Thank you for making all of this - everything I do - possible.

Order the book on Amazon here

With all my love and immense gratitude,


The Self Love Philosopher 

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