Share Your Self Love Pie Chart on Pi Day 2018!

Share Your Self Love Pie Chart on Pi Day 2018!

Hey, Fred and Far Tribe! We’re wishing a very happy Pi Day. For those of you very confused as to why 3/14 is affectionately called “Pi Day,” it’s a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π), approximately 3.14. While we definitely encourage you to eat copious amounts of your favorite (our is cherry, followed closely by apple), we also want you to invite you to fill out our #SelfLovePieChart.

Our mission at Fred and Far is for women worldwide to make a pinky promise to choose, honor and remember themselves on a daily basis, and a huge part of that is practicing the art of self love. In the age of filters, photoshop, Instagram likes, it can be really difficult for us to remember how truly wonderful and amazing we are, especially when we’re comparing ourselves to those around us who are seemingly living their absolute best lives (hint: showcasing only your best self on social media is a real thing).

Self love can be an unfamiliar concept to some people, because as women, we’re born and raised to love others. And at Fred and Far, we want to remind you that we can’t be our best selves unless at our core, we really love ourselves. It is so important to take a look in the mirror (both when everything is great or when your world is at its worst) and find and acknowledge the absolute best parts of ourselves: physical, emotional, and everything in between. Sure that influencer is beautiful, but so are you.

This activity is super easy for us all to participate and celebrate all the things we love about ourselves:

1. Save a blank #SelfLovePieChart

2. Fill in the chart however you’d like with what makes up your self love pie (like this one from our Director Of Operations, Jordyn)

3. Share the love on social! Tag us @fredandfar and be sure to use the hashtag #SelfLovePieChart -- We’ll share them, too!

That’s it! (Self love really can be that easy, ladies!) What we love about this activity is that no two pie charts will be the same, just like us, and we hope you take a few minutes out of your day to really appreciate YOU.


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