The 25 Best Solo Date Ideas for This Weekend (or really, any day you want)

The 25 Best Solo Date Ideas for This Weekend (or really, any day you want)

I was sitting with my favorite women talking about all the things we want to do. It was so easy to think of all things we dream of doing, but never make the time or find someone to do them with. Why wait for someone else to take you on your dream date? With Valentine’s Day coming up, seize the opportunity to make time for YOU! In need of some inspiration? Here are 25 of our favorite solo date ideas.

  1. Get outdoors. Breathe in some fresh air, take some time to self-reflect, and go on a hike!
  2. Spa it up. Hitting the spa can be super expensive, but hitting your local drugstore isn’t! Grab a face mask and a cucumber and have your own DYI spa night.
  3. Dive into a book. Post up at your favorite coffee shop with a book you’ve been meaning to finish.
  4. Make yourself a three-course meal. You’ll learn something new, and it’ll be tasty. Don’t forget to set the table.
  5. Get your culture on and go to a museum. Whatever city you’re in, check to see if your local cultural destinations have any discount days.
  6. Save our libraries. Go to your local library, sign up for a card, find your guilty pleasure book, and start reading knowing that you’re saving one of the best parts of our cities.
  7. Get your wine on at TJ. Fun fact: every Trader Joe’s has a sommelier on staff. Hit your local TJ’s for a lesson on wine.
  8. Bloom it up. Find a local flower shop or farmer’s market and make an arrangement for your room.
  9. Dine out. Pick a new fancy restaurant and treat yourself to a table for one or sit at the bar and get to know your bartender.
  10. Take a class. We’re talking cooking, painting, workout... whatever delights you.
  11. Hit the silver screen. Go see a movie and get the popcorn and your favorite treat. If you can swing an afternoon matinee, even better since you’ll save a bundle on the ticket.
  12. Karaoke. Enough said.
  13. Get your cuddle on. Visit your local animal shelter and spend time with some animals who need loving.
  14. Go on a bike ride. Many cities now have bikes you can rent!
  15. See the sea. If you have access, go paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing or even walking by the beach because the ocean is healing.
  16. Take a joy ride. Take a long drive and listen to your favorite album all the way through on full blast.
  17. Rock out. Find a concert at a venue you haven’t been to before and rock out.
  18. Do a craft There are tons of starter kits (like embroidery) for you to pick up a new skill, or keep it simple and pick up an adult coloring book and some markers.
  19. Take a staycation. Find a local hotel, sleep in and order room service. 
  20. Do some grooming. A manicure, pedicure, or blowout session never disappoint.
  21. Give a little. We can gain a lot of joy helping others. Choose a nonprofit with a mission you’re passionate about and volunteer.
  22. Make some time for DIY sexy time. Set the mood with candles, music and perhaps your favorite toy.
    1. Do some planting. Whether you make a succulent terrarium for your coffee table or get in the dirt and plant some vegetables, spending time with earth is super grounding.
    2. Go shopping. Treat yourself to a scene out of Pretty Woman and take yourself shopping somewhere chic.
    3. Fill in the blank. Did we miss something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have someone to do it with? Do it solo, because choosing yourself means not waiting for anyone to fulfill your dreams.

    Did we miss something? Comment below to give the tribe even more ideas! Or have you been on a solo date recently? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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