The 30 Day Self Love Challenge Checklist

The 30 Day Self Love Challenge Checklist

Make self love and self care part of your daily routine with our 30 Day Self Love Challenge Checklist. 30 acts of self love and self care that will transform you from the inside out and make choosing yourself and choosing happiness a delicious daily habit.

In the past, we've done 30 day self love challenges with a designated challenge for each day, which for some led to feelings of pressure, disappointment, failure and wanting to give up when a day was missed. (Literally the opposite of what we were trying to accomplish). With this checklist, you can engage with the challenge on your terms, and at your pace. The goal is not perfection. It's progress.

You can try these self love challenges in order, or mix it up! You can try tackling more than one in a day if you're feeling especially motivated. You can skip a day if you need. The goal is to transform your habits, your mindset, your feelings, your relationship with yourself and with others. How you get there in your own unique way is the fun of your self love journey. Be curious, be bold, be committed, and above all be kind along the way, to yourself, and to others.

Share your progress daily on social media to create accountability for yourself and to inspire your friends to join you by starting their own self love journeys. Check off the ones you've completed and tag us @fredandfar so we can root you on every step of the way! 

Want to use the challenge as your phone's screensaver as your daily reminder to practice self love and self care? Save one of the images below! We suggest using Instagram stories to track your progress and to check off the challenges you've accomplished!